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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2012Source of angiopoietin-2 in the sera of women during pregnancyWoolnough, C; Wang, Y; Kan, CY; Morris, JM; Tasevski, V; Ashton, AW
1-Jan-2012Spatial graphlet matching kernel for recognizing aerial image categoriesZhang, L; Song, M; Sun, L; Liu, X; Wang, Y; Tao, D; Bu, J; Chen, C
18-Sep-2009Special treatment regulation in China: Potential unintended consequencesGreen, W; Czernkowski, R; Wang, Y
1-Jan-2014Spin observation and trajectory prediction of a ping-pong ballZhang, Y; Zhao, Y; Xiong, R; Wang, Y; Wang, J; Chu, J
1-Jan-2015Starch-borate-graphene oxide nanocomposites as highly efficient targeted antitumor drugsCheng, R; Ou, S; Bu, Y; Li, X; Liu, X; Wang, Y; Guo, R; Shi, B; Jin, D; Liu, Y
1-Dec-2009Steady and dynamic performance analysis of a single-sided linear induction motorXu, W; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y; Shi, Z
20-Nov-2012Structural optimization of body-in-white based on bi-level programmingGao, Y; Wang, J; Fang, J; Wang, Y
1-Jan-2011Structural Topology Optimization Using a Nodal Density-based Level Set MethodWang, Y; Luo, Z; Law, SS; Cheng, L; Xia, Y; Su, Z
Jan-2012Structural topology optimization using meshfree methodsLuo, Z; Wang, Y; Zhang, N; Bai, Y; Wang, J; Fang, D
1-Jan-2014Sufficient Statistics Feature Mapping over Deep Boltzmann Machine for DetectionZhang, C; Li, X; Yan, J; Chu, S; Wang, Y; Tian, C; Zhao, Y
31-Dec-2008Supply chain safety stock quantity's fractal forecast and StudyWang, J; Sun, D; Wang, Y; Lu, H
1-Dec-2007A survey of direct torque control schemes for permanent magnet synchronous motor drivesWang, Y; Zhu, JG; Guo, YG
30-Nov-2009Survey on electrical machines in electrical vehiclesXu, W; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Wang, S; Wang, Y; Shi, Z
1-Jan-2017Techniques for reduction of the cogging torque in claw pole machines with SMC coresLiu, C; Lu, J; Wang, Y; Lei, G; Zhu, J; Guo, Y
15-Nov-2012Tensor magnetic reluctivity properties of soft magnetic composite materialsLi, Y; Zhao, Z; Yang, Q; Zhu, J; Wang, Y
1-Apr-2011Three-dimensional magnetic properties of soft magnetic composite material at different frequenciesLi, Y; Lin, ZW; Liu, H; Wang, Y; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Yang, Q
1-Jan-2017Titanium tetrachloride for silver nanoparticle-humic acid composite contaminant removal in coagulation-ultrafiltration hybrid process: floc property and membrane foulingZhao, Y; Sun, Y; Tian, C; Gao, B; Wang, Y; Shon, H; Yang, Y
1-Oct-2016Topological design for mechanical metamaterials using a multiphase level set methodWang, Y; Luo, Z; Zhang, N; Wu, T
1-Jan-2014Topological design of compliant smart structures with embedded movable actuatorsWang, Y; Luo, Z; Zhang, X; Kang, Z
1-Jan-2014The topological design of materials with specified thermal expansion using a level set-based parameterization methodWang, Y; Luo, Z; Zhang, N