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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Uncovering control mechanisms in contractual joint ventures in ChinaWang, Y; Yuan Wang, K
1-Jan-2016Understanding International Business Negotiation Behavior: Credible Commitments, Dispute Resolution, and the Role of InstitutionsWang, Y; Wang, KY; Ma, X
1-Nov-2017Using propensity scores to predict the kinases of unannotated phosphopeptidesChen, Q; Wang, Y; Chen, B; Zhang, C; Wang, L; Li, J
25-May-2010The value of audit qualifications in ChinaCzernkowski, R; Green, W; Wang, Y
1-Jan-2012Variogram estimation in the presence of trendBliznyuk, N; Carroll, RJ; Genton, MG; Wang, Y
1-Apr-2011Visualization of vortex motion in FeAs-based BaFe<inf>1.9</inf>Ni <inf>0.1</inf>As<inf>2</inf> single crystal by means of magneto-optical imagingLin, ZW; Li, YJ; Zhu, JG; Wang, XL; Dou, SX; Guo, YG; Lei, G; Wang, Y; Philips, M; Cortie, M; Li, YC; Choi, KY; Shi, X
28-Mar-2016Wavelength-tunable waveguides based on polycrystalline organic-inorganic perovskite microwiresWang, Z; Liu, J; Xu, ZQ; Xue, Y; Jiang, L; Song, J; Huang, F; Wang, Y; Zhong, YL; Zhang, Y; Cheng, YB; Bao, Q
1-Aug-2012Wintersweet-flower-like CoFe<inf>2</inf>O<inf>4</inf>/MWCNTs hybrid material for high-capacity reversible lithium storageWang, Y; Park, J; Sun, B; Ahn, H; Wang, G
2005云南银行业商业化:管理模式变革研究 = Yunnan banking sector in transition : management reforms in the direction of commercialisationWang, Y