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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014On Decommodifying Ecotourism's Social Value: Neoliberal Reformism or the New Environmental Morality?Wearing, SL; Wearing, M; Mostafanezad, M; Hannam, K
Jan-2013The Politics of Consensus: An Exploration of the Cloughjordan Ecovillage, IrelandCunningham, PA; Wearing, SL
Jan-2001Refiguring Self and Identity Through Volunteer TourismWearing, SL; Neil, JA
Jan-2013Religiosity paving the way for altruism through volunteer tourism in KenyaWearing, SL; Faulkner, S; Sahabu, V; Blanchard, L; Higgins-Desbiolles, F
3-Jul-2018Repertory grids and the measurement of levels of community support for rural ecotourism developmentSchweinsberg, S; Darcy, S; Wearing, SL
Jan-2012Slow'n down the town to let nature grow: ecotourism, social justice and sustainabilityWearing, SL; Wearing, M; McDonald, MG; Fullagar, S; Markwell, K; Wilson, E
Jan-2011Stakeholder Collaboration in a Prospective World Heritage Area: The case of the Kokoda and the Owen Stanley RangesReggers, AL; Faulkner, S; Wearing, SL
1-Jan-2016Time as culture: Exploring its influence in volunteer tourismGrabowski, S; Wearing, SL; Small, J
1-Jan-2009Tourism as an interpretive and mediating influence: A review of the authority of guidebooks in protected areasWearing, SL; Whenman, AE
Jan-2009Understanding 'Track/Trail' Experiences in National Parks: A Review,Wearing, SL; Schweinsberg, SC; Faulkner, S; Tumes, K
1-Jan-2010Understanding local power and interactional processes in sustainable tourism: Exploring village-tour operator relations on the Kokoda Track, Papua New GuineaWearing, SL; Wearing, M; McDonald, M
Jan-2013Understanding Stakeholder Values in Co-Management Arrangements for Protected Area Establishment on the Kokoda Track, Papua New GuineaReggers, AL; Schweinsberg, SC; Wearing, SL
2017Understanding the Tourist Experience of CitiesWearing, SL; Foley, C
Jan-2008Understanding track/trail experiences in National Parks: A ReviewWearing, SL; Schweinsberg, SC; Faulkner, S; Tumes, K
Jan-2004Valuing our national parks: understanding the perspectives of infrequent park users from different socio-economic and cultural groupsGriffin, T; Wearing, SL; Archer, DJ; Cooper, C; Arcodia, C; Solnet, D; Whitford, M
Jan-2010Volunteer tourismWearing, SL; Lyons, K; Evas, SL; Liburd, JJ; Edwards, D
1-Jan-2017Volunteer tourism and travel volunteeringWearing, SL; Benson, AM; McGehee, N
Jan-2013Volunteer Tourism Projects: A Proposed Mechanism to Improve Working with Local CommunitiesWearing, SL; McGehee, N; Wearing, SL; McGehee, N
Jan-2013Volunteer Tourism: An Existential PerspectiveWearing, SL; McGehee, N; Wearing, SL; McGehee, N
2017Volunteer Tourism: Beyond the rhetoric and into the futureWearing, SL; Wearing, M; Gabowski, S; Williams, P