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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2014Study on Micro Hydroforming of MetalsLuo, L; Jiang, Z; Wei, D; He, X
1-Dec-2011Study on solidification during twin-roll casting of magnesium alloyZhang, Y; Cheng, X; Wei, D; Wang, X; Jiang, Z
1-May-2015Study on springback in micro V-bending with consideration of grain heterogeneityFang, Z; Jiang, Z; Wei, D; Liu, X
1-Jun-2015Study on surface asperity flattening in cold quasi-static uniaxial planar compression by crystal plasticity finite element methodLi, H; Jiang, Z; Wei, D; Xu, J; Zhang, X; Gong, D; Han, J
14-May-2012Study on surface roughness and friction during hot rolling of stainless steel 301Wei, D; Jiang, Z; Huang, J; Zhang, A; Shi, X; Jiao, S
26-Sep-2011Study on surface roughness muring metal manufacturing processJiang, Z; Wang, S; Wei, D; Li, H; Xie, H; Wang, X; Zhang, X
14-Mar-2012Study on surface roughness transformation during metal rollingAlmotairy, S; Wei, D; Jiang, Z
1-Oct-2012Study on the effects of polycrystal grain orientations on indentation hardnessZheng, W; Wang, G; Lin, X; Jiang, H; Wei, D; Jiang, Z
1-Dec-2009Super-resolution by prediction based sub-pel motion estimationMudugamuwa, DJ; He, X; Wei, D; Ahn, CH
23-Oct-2017Superomniphilic Poly(glycerol sebacate)–Poly(l-lactic acid) Electrospun Membranes for Oil Spill RemediationYan, Y; Sencadas, V; Zhang, J; Wei, D; Jiang, Z
30-Aug-2015Surface asperity evolution and microstructure analysis of Al 6061T5 alloy in a quasi-static cold uniaxial planar compression (CUPC)Li, H; Jiang, Z; Wei, D; Gao, X; Xu, J; Zhang, X
1-Jan-2014Surface morphology of micro stepped components in micro cross wedge rollingWei, D; Lu, H; Jiang, Z; Manabe, KI
1-Jun-2008Surface roughness micro-deformation and transfer of bulk steel in hot rollingJiang, ZY; Tang, J; Tieu, AK; Sun, W; Wei, D
1-Dec-2018System performance and microbial community succession in a partial nitrification biofilm reactor in response to salinity stressLi, J; Ye, W; Wei, D; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Qiao, Y; Xu, W; Du, B; Wei, Q
15-Dec-2017Tailoring the wettability and mechanical properties of electrospun poly(L-lactic acid)-poly(glycerol sebacate) core-shell membranes for biomedical applicationsYan, Y; Sencadas, V; Jin, T; Huang, X; Chen, J; Wei, D; Jiang, Z
1-May-2016Tribological behavior in micro-sheet hydroformingSato, H; Manabe, KI; Wei, D; Jiang, Z; Alexandrov, S
18-Nov-2009Tribological features of roll surface in cold metal rollingLi, H; Jiang, Z; Tieu, AK; Sun, W; Wei, D; Zhu, H
1-Apr-2013Tribological properties of magnetite precipitate from oxide scale in hot-rolled microalloyed steelYu, X; Jiang, Z; Wei, D; Zhou, C; Huang, Q; Yang, D
1-Jan-2012Tribology in Hot Rolling of Steel StripWei, D; Jiang, Z; Davim, JP
1-Jan-2017Wear and friction behaviour of high-speed steel and indefinite chill material for rolling ferritic stainless steelsHao, L; Wu, H; Wei, D; Cheng, X; Zhao, J; Luo, S; Jiang, L; Jiang, Z