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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-12-01Bioturbating shrimp alter the structure and diversity of bacterial communities in coastal marine sedimentsLaverock, B; Smith, CJ; Tait, K; Osborn, AM; Widdicombe, S; Gilbert, JA
2013-10-05Bioturbation determines the response of benthic ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms to ocean acidificationLaverock, B; Kitidis, V; Tait, K; Gilbert, JA; Osborn, AM; Widdicombe, S
2011-02-01Bioturbation: Impact on the marine nitrogen cycleLaverock, B; Gilbert, JA; Tait, K; Osborn, AM; Widdicombe, S
2012-05-02Impact of exposure to elevated pCO <inf>2</inf> on the physiology and Behaviour of an important ecosystem engineer, the burrowing shrimp Upogebia deltauraDonohue, PJC; Calosi, P; Bates, AH; Laverock, B; Rastrick, S; Mark, FC; Strobel, A; Widdicombe, S
2011-11-01Impact of ocean acidification on benthic and water column ammonia oxidationKitidis, V; Laverock, B; McNeill, LC; Beesley, A; Cummings, D; Tait, K; Osborn, MA; Widdicombe, S
2014-02-01Impacts of bioturbation on temporal variation in bacterial and archaeal nitrogen-cycling gene abundance in coastal sedimentsLaverock, B; Tait, K; Gilbert, JA; Osborn, AM; Widdicombe, S
2013-12-01Minor impact of ocean acidification to the composition of the active microbial community in an Arctic sedimentTait, K; Laverock, B; Shaw, J; Somerfield, PJ; Widdicombe, S
2014-01-01Response of an arctic sediment nitrogen cycling community to increased CO<inf>2</inf>Tait, K; Laverock, B; Widdicombe, S