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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-01Optimal Models with Maximizing the Probability of First Achieving Target Value in the Preceding StagesLin, Y; Wu, C; Kang, B
2015-01-01Optimized design of foam cladding for protection of reinforced concrete members under blast loadingXia, Y; Wu, C; Li, ZX
2013-11-01Partial-interaction short term serviceability deflection of RC beamsVisintin, P; Oehlers, DJ; Muhamad, R; Wu, C
2014-01-01Participatory action research: Involving students in parent educationFowler, C; Wu, C; Lam, W
2018-02-01Penetration resistance of ultra-high-strength concrete protected with layers of high-toughness and lightweight energy absorption materialsShao, R; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Su, Y; Liu, J; Chen, G; Xu, S
2019-10-01Phase field fracture in elasto-plastic solids: Abaqus implementation and case studiesFang, J; Wu, C; Rabczuk, T; Ma, C; Sun, G; Li, Q
2019-06-01Phase field fracture in elasto-plastic solids: Variational formulation for multi-surface plasticity and effects of plastic yield surfaces and hardeningFang, J; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, Q; Sun, G; Li, Q
2017-03-01Post-blast capacity of ultra-high performance concrete columnsLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Liu, Z
2019-05-26Post-earthquake evaluation of damage and residual performance of UHPSFRC piers based on nonlinear model updatingHe, LX; Wu, C; Li, J
2014-07-01Prediction of confined blast loading in single-layer lattice shellsMa, J; Wu, C; Zhi, X; Fan, F
2017-09-01PrefaceWu, C; Li, J; Hao, H; Li, ZX
2013-06-01Pressure-impulse diagrams for an elastic-plastic member under confined blastsDragos, J; Wu, C; Vugts, K
2018-09-01Prestressed concrete targets under high rate of loadingRajput, A; Iqbal, MA; Wu, C
2016-05-15Protective effect of graded density aluminium foam on RC slab under blast loading-An experimental studyXia, Y; Wu, C; Liu, ZX; Yuan, Y
2018-04-01Public-Private Partnerships in AustraliaKe, Y; Ye, J; Wang, T; Yang, B; Wu, C; Li, Y; Ke, Y; Peng, P
2012-10-10The reinforcement contribution to the cyclic behaviour of reinforced concrete beam hingesVisintin, P; Oehlers, DJ; Wu, C; Griffith, MC
2012-01-01Research development on protection of structures against blast loading at University of AdelaideWu, C
2015-08-23Residual axial capacity of CFDST columns infilled with UHPFRC after close-range blast loadingZhang, F; Wu, C; Li, ZX; Zhao, XL
2015-12-01Residual loading capacity of ultra-high performance concrete columns after blast loadsLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H
2016-07-30Response of oil palm shell concrete slabs subjected to quasi-static and blast loadsAlengaram, UJ; Mohottige, NHW; Wu, C; Jumaat, MZ; Poh, YS; Wang, Z