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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-07-30MEGH: A new affine invariant descriptorDong, X; Liu, E; Yang, J; Wu, Q
2013MIL-SKDE: Multiple-instance learning with supervised kernel density estimationYang, J; Wu, Q; Du, R; He, X
2013-06-01MIL-SKDE: Multiple-instance learning with supervised kernel density estimationDu, R; Wu, Q; He, X; Yang, J
2019-06Mind Your Neighbours: Image Annotation With Metadata Neighbourhood Graph Co-Attention NetworksZhang, J; Wu, Q; Shen, C; Lu, J
2017-08-28Minimum spanning forest with embedded edge inconsistency measurement for color-guided depth map upsamplingZuo, Y; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; An, P
2018-08-01Minimum Spanning Forest with Embedded Edge Inconsistency Measurement Model for Guided Depth Map EnhancementZuo, Y; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; An, P
2008-09-26A modified Mahalanobis distance for human detection in out-door environmentsChen, Y; Wu, Q; He, X; Jia, W; Hintz, T
2011-11-30More on weak feature: Self-correlate histogram distancesWang, S; Wu, Q; He, X; Jia, W
2008-09-24Motion based pedestrian recognitionChen, Y; Wu, Q; He, X
2010-12-01Motion blur detection based on lowest directional high-frequency energyChen, X; Yang, J; Wu, Q; Zhao, J
2012-10-04Multi-instance learning with an extended kernel density estimation for object categorizationDu, R; Wu, Q; He, X; Yang, J
2019-03-01Multi-pseudo regularized label for generated data in person re-identificationHuang, Y; Xu, J; Wu, Q; Zheng, Z; Zhang, Z; Zhang, J
2010-11-18Multi-view gait recognition based on motion regression using multilayer perceptronKusakunniran, W; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Li, H
2013-01-01Multi-view urban scene reconstruction in non-uniform volumeMao, R; Wu, Q; Qiao, Y; Bai, L; Yang, J
2018-10-01Multilabel Image Classification with Regional Latent Semantic DependenciesZhang, J; Wu, Q; Shen, C; Lu, J
2009-12-01Multiple views gait recognition using view transformation model based on optimized gait energy imageKusakunniran, W; Wu, Q; Li, H; Zhang, J
2012-12-20Multiscale roughness measure for color image segmentationYue, XD; Miao, DQ; Zhang, N; Cao, LB; Wu, Q
2002-01Neural Network Based Image Edge Detection Within Spiral ArchitectureHe, S; Hintz, TB; Wu, Q; Arabnia, HR
2006-12-01A new approach for fractal image compression on a virtual hexagonal structureWang, H; He, X; Wu, Q; Hintz, T
2006-12-01A new approach for SA-based fractal image compressionWang, H; Wu, Q; He, X; Hintz, T