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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Ocean acidification enhances the growth rate of larger diatomsWu, Y; Campbell, DA; Irwin, AJ; Suggett, DJ; Finkel, ZV
1-May-2012Optimal data propagation approach based on probabilistic model for pipeline sensor networksYu, Y; Wu, Y; Feng, R; Wan, J
1-Dec-2011Optimal deployment for maximum lifecycle in natural gas pipeline monitoring sensor networksYu, Y; Wu, Y; Yu, N; Feng, R; Wan, J
1-Nov-2016Optimization of process parameters for production of volatile fatty acid, biohydrogen and methane from anaerobic digestionKhan, MA; Ngo, HH; Guo, WS; Liu, Y; Nghiem, LD; Hai, FI; Deng, LJ; Wang, J; Wu, Y
1-Dec-2011A probabilistic approach for energy efficient data transmission in pipeline monitoring sensor networksYu, Y; Wu, Y; Guo, X; Feng, R; Wan, J
1-Jan-2013Qualitative research on dementia in ethnically diverse communities: Fieldwork challenges and opportunitiesShanley, C; Leone, D; Santalucia, Y; Adams, J; Ferrerosa-Rojas, JE; Kourouche, F; Gava, S; Wu, Y
1-Jan-2012Research on node deployment based on optimal network lifetime in pipeline monitoring sensor networksYu, Y; Wu, Y; Yu, N; Feng, R; Wan, J
1-Aug-2018Robust Distracter-Resistive Tracker via Learning a Multi-Component Discriminative DictionaryShen, W; Wu, Y; Yuan, J; Duan, L; Zhang, J; Jia, Y
Jan-2003Seismic Response of Torsionally Sensitive Building ModelsWu, Y; Samali, B; Li, J; Mathew, PJ
25-Dec-2017Simulation and Experimental Study on Bouc-Wen Hysteresis Model of Leaf SpringZhang, J; Wu, Y; Zhang, B; Zhang, N; Liu, X
1-Jan-2015Sports-related injuries in Chinese paralympic athletesLi, C; Lam, LT; Wu, Y
2010Study and simulation on variable frequency speed-regulating system of mine hoist based on PLC fuzzy controlWu, Y; Tian, Z; Xue, M; NA
2010Study on fuzzy neural network-based ship autopilotWu, Y; Xue, M; Wu, P; NA
Jan-2002Torsional response of a base-isolated eccentric building modelSamali, B; Wu, Y; Li, J; Loo, YC; Chowdhury, SH; Fragomeni, S
14-Dec-2012Towards understanding requirement evolution in a software product line an industrial case studyWu, Y; Zowghi, D; Peng, X; Zhao, W