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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2011Random walk based rank aggregation to improving web searchLi, L; Xu, G; Zhang, Y; Kitsuregawa, M
1-Oct-2016Recommendation using DMF-based fine tuning methodZhang, Z; Liu, Y; Xu, G; Luo, G
1-Dec-2013Recommending related microblogsLi, L; Xiao, H; Xu, G
7-Nov-2012Recommending related microblogs: A comparison between topic and WordNet based approachesChen, X; Li, L; Xiao, H; Xu, G; Yang, Z; Kitsuregawa, M
1-Jan-2019Refining Parkinson’s neurological disorder identification through deep transfer learningNaseer, A; Rani, M; Naz, S; Razzak, MI; Imran, M; Xu, G
2-Jul-2018Research Performance Reporting is FallaciousButler, A; Xu, G; Musial, K
10-Oct-2018Robust 2D Joint Sparse Principal Component Analysis with F-Norm Minimization for Sparse Modelling: 2D-RJSPCARazzak, MI; Saris, RA; Blumenstein, M; Xu, G
1-Jul-2010A robust iterative refinement clustering algorithm with smoothing search spaceZong, Y; Xu, G; Zhang, Y; Jiang, H; Li, M
5-Apr-2016The Safety and Dynamic Performance of Blended Brake System on a Two-Speed DCT Based Battery Electric VehicleRuan, J; Walker, P; Zhang, N; Xu, G
1-Nov-2018SCSMiner: mining social coding sites for software developer recommendation with relevance propagationWan, Y; Chen, L; Xu, G; Zhao, Z; Tang, J; Wu, J
1-Apr-2017Seeking legitimacy: Chinese OFDI and domestic isomorphic pressuresGuo, B; Xu, G; Li, W
8-Mar-2016Semantic SPARQL Query in a Relational Database Based on Ontology ConstructionHazber, MAG; Li, R; Gu, X; Xu, G; Li, Y
2-Jul-2018Semi-Supervised Soft K-Means Clustering of Life Insurance Questionnaire ResponsesBiddle, R; Liu, S; Xu, G
2-Nov-2011SemRec: A semantic enhancement framework for tag based recommendationXu, G; Gu, Y; Dolog, P; Zhang, Y; Kitsuregawa, M
1-Jun-2018Sequence-based context-aware music recommendationWang, D; Deng, S; Xu, G
1-Jan-2018Sequential recommender system based on hierarchical attention networkYing, H; Zhuang, F; Zhang, F; Liu, Y; Xu, G; Xie, X; Xiong, H; Wu, J
2009Singular Value DecompositionZhang, Y; Xu, G
1-May-2019SMS: A Framework for Service Discovery by Incorporating Social Media InformationLiang, T; Chen, L; Wu, J; Xu, G; Wu, Z
6-Sep-2010SNSMW 2010 workshop organizers' messageHijikata, Y; Xu, G
1-Jan-2014Social cyber systems - Challenges, opportunities, and beyondAgarwal, N; Zhou, A; Xu, G