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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Vibration control of In-Wheel SRM for electric vehicle applicationsSun, W; Li, Y; Xu, G; Zhang, N
12-Jan-2018The volatility of Bitcoin returns and its correlation to financial marketsVo, NNY; Xu, G
Jan-2011Web Mining and Social Networking - Techniques and ApplicationsXu, G; Zhang, Y; Li, L
1-Dec-2005A Web recommendation technique based on probabilistic latent semantic analysisXu, G; Zhang, Y; Zhou, X
2012Web Technologies and Applications - 14th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, APWeb 2012, Kunming, China, April 11-13, 2012. ProceedingsXU, G; Sheng, QZ; Wang, G; Jensen, CS; Xu, G
15-Nov-2016A weighted adaptation method on learning user preference profileZhang, Z; Liu, Y; Xu, G; Chen, H
12-Mar-2014Welcome from BESC 2014 chairsSubrahmanian, VS; Chen, SH; Zaiane, O; Martin, H; Jo, GS; Cao, J; Liu, H; Xu, G; Nejdl, W
1-Jan-2014Welcome from the ASONAM 2014 program chairsWu, X; Ester, M; Xu, G
31-Jul-2017Welcome from the ASONAM 2017 program chairsDiesner, J; Ferrari, E; Xu, G
17-Jul-2017What comes first the co-Authorship network or the citation?Xu, G; He, X; Butler, A
15-Jun-2019What’s Happening Around the World? A Survey and Framework on Event Detection Techniques on TwitterSaeed, Z; Abbasi, RA; Maqbool, O; Sadaf, A; Razzak, I; Daud, A; Aljohani, NR; Xu, G
1-Dec-2013Who will follow your shop? Exploiting multiple information sources in finding followersWu, L; Chin, A; Xu, G; Du, L; Wang, X; Meng, K; Guo, Y; Zhou, Y
23-May-2018Workshop Proposal on Knowledge Discovery from Digital LibrariesShi, H; He, W; Xu, G