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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2018Miniaturized High-Order-Mode Dipole Antennas Based on Spoof Surface Plasmon PolaritonsYang, Y; Li, Z; Wang, S; Chen, X; Wang, J; Guo, YJ
1-Jul-2017Miniaturized millimeter-wave on-chip bandpass filter design in 0.13-μm SiGe BiCMOS technologyHou, ZJ; Xue, Q; Yang, Y; Zhu, X; Dutkiewicz, E
1-Dec-2018Miniaturized resonator and bandpass filter for silicon-based monolithic microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuitsZhu, H; Yang, Y; Zhu, X; Sun, Y; Wong, SW
1-Nov-2006Mining in anticipation for concept change: Proactive-reactive prediction in data streamsYang, Y; Wu, X; Zhu, X
25-Jul-2018Mm-wave high gain cavity-backed aperture-coupled patch antenna arrayZhu, J; Chu, CH; Deng, L; Zhang, C; Yang, Y; Li, S
16-Jan-2019Mm-wave high gain substrate integrated cavity excited patch antenna arrayZhu, J; Chu, C; Deng, L; Yang, Y; Li, S
1-Dec-2014Mobile converged networks: Framework, optimization, and challengesHan, T; Yang, Y; Ge, X; Mao, G
1-Jan-2015Monitoring and coaching the use of home medical devicesCai, Y; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, A; Wactlar, H
6-Nov-2017More is less: A more complicated network with less inference complexityDong, X; Huang, J; Yang, Y; Yan, S
16-Jun-2015Multi-Class Active Learning by Uncertainty Sampling with Diversity MaximizationYang, Y; Ma, Z; Nie, F; Chang, X; Hauptmann, AG
1-Apr-2013Multi-feature fusion via hierarchical regression for multimedia analysisYang, Y; Song, J; Huang, Z; Ma, Z; Sebe, N; Hauptman, AG
1-May-2012Multi-hop connectivity probability in infrastructure-based vehicular networksZhang, W; Chen, Y; Yang, Y; Wang, X; Zhang, Y; Hong, X; Mao, G
1-Jan-2018Multi-Mode Bandpass Cavity Filters and Duplexer With Slot Mixed-Coupling StructureZheng, BL; Wong, SW; Feng, SF; Zhu, L; Yang, Y
31-Oct-2013Multimedia event detection using a classifier-specific intermediate representationMa, Z; Yang, Y; Sebe, N; Zheng, K; Hauptmann, AG
29-Feb-2012A multimedia retrieval framework based on semi-supervised ranking and relevance feedbackYang, Y; Nie, F; Xu, D; Luo, J; Zhuang, Y; Pan, Y
29-Dec-2011Multiple feature hashing for real-time large scale near-duplicate video retrievalSong, J; Yang, Y; Huang, Z; Shen, HT; Hong, R
1-Jan-2014Multiple features but few labels? A symbiotic solution exemplified for video analysisMa, Z; Sebe, N; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, AG
29-Oct-2010A multiple system performance monitoring model for web servicesYang, Y; Luo, D; Zhang, C
1-May-2015Multitask spectral clustering by exploring intertask correlationYang, Y; Ma, Z; Yang, Y; Nie, F; Shen, HT
1-Mar-2019Multiview consensus graph clusteringZhan, K; Nie, F; Wang, J; Yang, Y