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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Possibilities of a national union education centre: views from Australian union leadersBrown, T; Yasukawa, K; Lewer, J; Ryan, S; Macneil, J
1-Sep-2013Production workers' literacy and numeracy practices: Using cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT) as an analytical toolYasukawa, K; Brown, T; Black, S
1-Jan-2013Re-imagining citizenship: Views from the classroomWidin, J; Yasukawa, K
2-Jul-2016Research that counts: OECD statistics and ‘policy entrepreneurs’ impacting on Australian adult literacy and numeracy policyBlack, S; Yasukawa, K
15-Mar-2019The Role of National Media in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Policy: a Case Study from AustraliaYasukawa, K
1-Jan-2018Scholarly Teaching: The Changing Composition of Work and Identity in Higher EducationDados, N; Junor, A; Yasukawa, K; Wache, D; Houston, D
Jan-2016Scripting The World In Mathematics And Its Ethical ImplicationsYasukawa, K; Skovsmose, O; Ravn, O; Ernest, P; Sriraman, B; Ernest, N
1-Jan-2014Seeing and hearing: Examining production workers' literacy and numeracy practices in a context of crisisBrown, T; Yasukawa, K; Black, S
Jan-2012Shaping and being shaped by mathematics: examining a technology of rationalityYasukawa, K; Skovsmose, O; Ravn, O; Skovsmose, O; Greer, B
1-Jul-2012Shared delivery: Integrating elt in australian vocational educationBlack, S; Yasukawa, K
Jan-2008A storybook for beginning teachers in language, literacy and numeracyYasukawa, K; Athanasou, JA
Jan-2011A tale of two councils: Alternative discourses on the 'literacy crisis' in Australian workplacesBlack, SR; Yasukawa, K
1-Apr-2012Teaching practice in the making: Shaping and reshaping the field of adult language, literacy and numeracy teachingWidin, J; Yasukawa, K; Chodkiewicz, A
Jan-2010Time for National Renewal: Australian adult literacy and numeracy as `foundation skills'Black, SR; Yasukawa, K
Jan-2003Towards a social studies of mathematics: numeracy and actor-network theoryYasukawa, K; kelly, S; Johnston, B; Yasukawa, K
1-Jan-2015VET teacher education in Australian universities: who are the students and what are their views about their courses?Smith, E; Hodge, S; Yasukawa, K
2-Jan-2017What makes a good VET teacher? Views of Australian VET teachers and studentsSmith, E; Yasukawa, K
16-May-2018The workplace as a site for learning critical numeracy practiceYasukawa, K; Yasukawa, K; Rogers, A; Jackson, K; Street, BV
21-Dec-2012Workplace literacy and numeracy learning: An opportunity for trade union renewal in Australia?Yasukawa, K; Brown, T; Black, S