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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Formatting Power of "Mathematics in a Package": A Challenge for Social Theorising?Skovsmose, O; Yasukawa, K; Ernest, P; Greer, B; Sriraman, B
Jan-2006Getting the best of you for nothing: casual voices in the Australian AcademyBrown, T; Goodman, J; Yasukawa, K
1-Jan-2018How much is this number worth? Representations of academic casualisation in Australian universitiesYasukawa, K; Dados, N; Wache, D; Houston, D
1-Sep-2004Implementing a program in sustainability for engineers at University of Technology, Sydney: A story of intersecting agendasBryce, P; Johnston, S; Yasukawa, K
Jan-2004An indigenous community learning centre to promote a culture of learningWidin, J; Norman, HR; Ndaba, A; Yasukawa, K; Harris, R
1-Jan-2016Introduction: Critical Perspectives in Adult Literacy and Numeracy in a Globalised WorldYasukawa, K; Black, S
16-Jul-2013Investigating the 'crisis': Production workers' literacy and numeracy practicesBlack, SR; Yasukawa, K; Brown, T
Jan-2007Keeping afloat: how ACE organisations adapt in uncertain timesBrown, T; Hawke, GA; Yasukawa, K
1-Mar-2010Learning and adapting for organisational change: Researching union education in AustraliaBrown, T; Yasukawa, K
1-Apr-2014Level 3: Another single measure of adult literacy and numeracyBlack, S; Yasukawa, K
16-Apr-2018‘Limits of the local’ in theorising numeracy as social practice: a case study of mathematics education in PalestineAlshwaikh, J; Yasukawa, K; Yasukawa, K; Rogers, A; Jackson, K; Street, BV
2-Jan-2014Literacy and the politics of representationYasukawa, K
1-Jan-2014The literacy myth continues: Adapting Graff's thesis to contemporary policy discourses on adult 'foundation skills' in AustraliaBlack, S; Yasukawa, K
Jan-2010Making connections to re-engage young people in learning: dimensions of practiceChodkiewicz, AK; Widin, J; Yasukawa, K
16-May-2018Mapping the terrain of social practice perspectives of numeracyYasukawa, K; Jackson, K; Kane, P; Coben, D; Yasukawa, K; Rogers, A; Jackson, K; Street, BV
Jan-2009The Mathematical State of the World: Explorations into the Characteristics of Mathematical DescriptionsChristensen, OR; Skovsmose, O; Yasukawa, K; Sriraman, B; Goodchild, S
Jan-2002Mathematics and Technological LiteracyYasukawa, K; Valero, P; Skovsmose, O
1-Jan-2016Museum Literacies: Reading and Writing the MuseumYasukawa, K; Widin, J; Yasukawa, K; Black, S
2017Numeracy skills and the numerate environment: Affordances and demandsEvans, J; Yasukawa, K; Mallows, D; Creese, B
1-Jan-2016Policy Making at a Distance: A Critical Perspective on Australia's National Foundation Skills Strategy for AdultsYasukawa, K; Black, S; Yasukawa, K; Black, S