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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11-25An incremental interval Type-2 neural fuzzy ClassifierPratama, M; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2017-10-01An Incremental Learning of Concept Drifts Using Evolving Type-2 Recurrent Fuzzy Neural NetworksPratama, M; Lu, J; Lughofer, E; Zhang, G; Er, MJ
2017-02-01An Incremental Type-2 Meta-Cognitive Extreme Learning MachinePratama, M; Zhang, G; Er, MJ; Anavatti, S
2016-01-01Inertial sensor based post fall analysis for false alarming reductionYe, L; Cao, K; Guo, J; Huang, X; Beadle, P; Argha, A; Piccardi, M; Zhang, G; Su, SW
2016-01-05Infinite author topic model based on mixed gamma-negative binomial processXuan, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Xu, RYD; Luo, X
2015Infinite Author Topic Model based on Mixed Gamma-Negative Binomial Process.Xuan, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Xu, RYD; Luo, X
2009-12-01Information inconsistencies detection using a rule-map techniqueMa, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2006-01-01Information integration based team situation assessment in an uncertain environmentLu, J; Zhang, G
2014-01-01An information potential approach to integrated sensor path planning and controlLu, W; Zhang, G; Ferrari, S
2011-08-01An information presentation method based on tree-like super entity componentZhang, R; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2011-04-01Inhibition of highly pathogenic avian H5N1 influenza virus propagation by RNA oligonucleotides targeting the PB2 gene in combination with celecoxibJin, Y; Zhang, G; Hu, Y; Ding, M; Li, Y; Cao, S; Xue, J; Sun, LQ; Wang, M
2011-12-01An innovative self-adaptive configuration optimization system in cloud computingJiang, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2006-01-01An integrated analysis method for bank customer classificationZhang, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Yan, X
2003-11-01An integrated group decision-making method dealing with fuzzy preferences for alternatives and individual judgments for selection criteriaZhang, G; Lu, J
2009-12-04An integrated knowledge adaption framework for case-based reasoning systemsLu, N; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2006-01-01Integration of ontology data through learning instance matchingWang, C; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2007-01An Intelligent Classification Method in Bank Customer Relationship ManagementZhang, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2008-12-01An intelligent evaluation system for tourism websites in Shijiazhuang cityLu, Z; Han, RL; Zhang, PP; Ren, YM; Zhang, G
2008-02-01Intelligent multi-criteria fuzzy group decision-making for situation assessmentsLu, J; Zhang, G; Ruan, D
2014-03-01An intelligent situation awareness support system for safety-critical environmentsNaderpour, M; Lu, J; Zhang, G