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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Targeted CT/MR dual mode imaging of human hepatocellular carcinoma using lactobionic acid-modified polyethyleneimine-entrapped gold nanoparticlesLi, D; Yang, J; Wen, S; Shen, M; Zheng, L; Zhang, G; Shi, X
2010-01-01Team situation awareness measure using semantic utility functions for supporting dynamic decision-makingMa, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2008-12-01Team situation awareness measurement using group aggregation and implication operatorsMa, J; Zhang, G
2008-01-01Team situation awareness using web-based fuzzy group decision Support systemsLu, J; Zhang, G; Wu, F
2016-09-01Technology roadmapping for competitive technical intelligenceZhang, Y; Robinson, DKR; Porter, AL; Zhu, D; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2013-11-22Text categorization by fuzzy domain adaptationBehbood, V; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2011-06-01Theme-based comprehensive evaluation in new product development using fuzzy hierarchical criteria group decision-making methodLu, J; Ma, J; Zhang, G; Zhu, Y; Zeng, X; Koehl, L
2007-01-01Three real-coded genetic algorithms with new mutation operatorsZhang, G; Ma, J; Zhou, C
2014-03-01A three-level-similarity measuring method of participant opinions in multiple-criteria group decision supportsMa, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2012-07-16A time-series pattern based noise generation strategy for privacy protection in cloud computingZhang, G; Yang, Y; Liu, X; Chen, J
2013-12-01A time-series-based technology intelligence framework by trend prediction functionalityChen, H; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2016-04-01Topic analysis and forecasting for science, technology and innovation: Methodology with a case study focusing on big data researchZhang, Y; Zhang, G; Chen, H; Porter, AL; Zhu, D; Lu, J
2015-12-01Topic model for graph miningXuan, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Luo, X
2017-06-01Topic-based technological forecasting based on patent data: A case study of Australian patents from 2000 to 2014Chen, H; Zhang, G; Zhu, D; Lu, J
2016-01-13Transfer learning in hierarchical feature spacesZuo, H; Zhang, G; Behbood, V; Lu, J; Meng, X
2015-05-01Transfer learning using computational intelligence: A surveyLu, J; Behbood, V; Hao, P; Zuo, H; Xue, S; Zhang, G
2015-01-01Transfer learning using computational intelligence: A surveyLu, J; Behbood, V; Hao, P; Zuo, H; Xue, S; Zhang, G
2015-05-11Transfer Learning using Computational Intelligence: A SurveyLu, J; Behbood, V; Hao, P; Zuo, H; Xue, S; Zhang, G
2018-01-01A Transfer-Based Additive LS-SVM Classifier for Handling Missing DataWang, G; Lu, J; Choi, KS; Zhang, G
2017-12-01Tri-level decision-making for decentralized vendor-managed inventoryHan, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G