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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-01Uncertain Information Processing Framework for Situation Awareness and Emergency Decision-MakingLu, J; Zhang, G; Lei, L; Kang, Y
2016-06-01Uncertainty Analysis for the Keyword System of Web EventsXuan, J; Luo, X; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Xu, Z
2018-10-12Unconstrained fuzzy feature fusion for heterogeneous unsupervised domain adaptationLiu, F; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2018-12-01Unsupervised Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation via Shared Fuzzy Equivalence RelationsLiu, F; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2019-07-27Use of magnetorheological shock absorber for impact loading mitigation with individually controllable coilsWang, J; Zhang, G; Wang, H; Ouyang, Q; Zheng, J; Li, Y; Li, Z
2009-01Using Attribute and Attitude Assessment for Bidding in Automated AuctionsGoyal, ML; Zhang, G; Kotsis, G; Taniar, D; Pardede, E; Khalil, I
2004-01Using General Fuzzy Number to handle uncertainty and imprecision in group decision-makingZhang, G; Lu, J; Ruan, D; Zeng, X
2007-01Warning message generation by information filtering techniqueLu, J; Ma, J; Zhang, G
2009-12-01Web ontology data matching for integration: Method and frameworkWang, C; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2004-01A Web-based decision Support System for Linear Bilevel ProblemsShi, C; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Lei, L
2005-01Web-Based Mulit-criteria Group Decision Support System with Linguistic Term Processing FunctionLu, J; Zhang, G; Wu, F
2013-02-01A web-based personalized business partner recommendation system using fuzzy semantic techniquesLu, J; Shambour, Q; Xu, Y; Lin, Q; Zhang, G
2018-10-01Wireless Personal Communications: Machine Learning for Big Data Processing in Mobile InternetGuo, J; Tan, ZH; Cho, SH; Zhang, G
2007-02-01An α-fuzzy goal approximate algorithm for solving fuzzy multiple objective linear programming problemsLu, J; Ruan, D; Wu, F; Zhang, G
2010-07-12δ-equalities of complex fuzzy relationsZhang, G; Dillon, TS; Cai, KY; Ma, J; Lu, J
2010-02-01A λ-cut and goal-programming-based algorithm for fuzzy-linear multiple-objective bilevel optimizationGao, Y; Zhang, G; Ma, J; Lu, J
2008-12-01A λ-cut approximate algorithm for goal-based bilevel risk management systemsGao, Y; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Dillon, T; Zeng, X