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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2018A unified control strategy for inductor-based active battery equalisation schemesLiu, X; Wan, Z; He, Y; Zheng, X; Zeng, G; Zhang, J
2017Unplanned stay: how the Polish Jews became refugees in Shanghai in 1941 (Jìhuà wài de dòuliú:1941 Nián bōlán yóutàirén rúhé zài shànghǎi lún wéi nànmín)Jakubowicz, AH; Pan, G; Zhang, J; Chen, X; Zhang, Y
31-Jan-2018Unsupervised image co-segmentation via guidance of simple imagesLi, L; Liu, Z; Zhang, J
1-Dec-2012Unsupervised online learning trajectory analysis based on weighted directed graphShen, Y; Miao, Z; Zhang, J
1-Jan-2019Unsupervised user behavior representation for fraud review detection with cold-start problemLi, Q; Wu, Q; Zhu, C; Zhang, J; Zhao, W
25-Aug-2016Unsupervised visual domain adaptation via dictionary evolutionWu, S; Jing, XY; Yue, D; Zhang, J; Yang, KJ; Yang, J
1-Jan-2015Upconversion luminescence behavior of single nanoparticlesZhou, J; Xu, S; Zhang, J; Qiu, J
1-Jan-2015The use of zinc ions to control the size of Yb/Er:KMnF<inf>3</inf> nanocrystals with single band emissionLei, L; Zhou, J; Zhang, J; Xu, S
24-May-2017User relationship strength modeling for friend recommendation on InstagramGuo, D; Xu, J; Zhang, J; Xu, M; Cui, Y; He, X
Jan-2009Uv-visible Spectra Character Of Larger Diameter Of Gold Nanoparticles (aunps)Zhu, S; Zhang, J; Yue, L; Hartono, D; Liu, A
1-Feb-2018Variation in longitudinal trajectories of cortical sulci in normal elderlyShen, X; Liu, T; Tao, D; Fan, Y; Zhang, J; Li, S; Jiang, J; Zhu, W; Wang, Y; Wang, Y; Brodaty, H; Sachdev, P; Wen, W
24-Sep-2008Vehicle classification at nighttime using eigenspaces and support vector machineThi, TH; Robert, K; Lu, S; Zhang, J
25-Oct-2016Vehicle dynamics analysis and road rest of a sports utility vehicle equipped with hydraulically interconnected suspensionPeng, P; Zhang, B; Zhang, J; Zheng, M; Zhang, N
1-Dec-2019A versatile functionalized ionic liquid to boost the solution-mediated performances of lithium-oxygen batteriesZhang, J; Sun, B; Zhao, Y; Tkacheva, A; Liu, Z; Yan, K; Guo, X; McDonagh, AM; Shanmukaraj, D; Wang, C; Rojo, T; Armand, M; Peng, Z; Wang, G
25-Aug-2016Video object segmentation aggregationZhou, T; Lu, Y; Di, H; Zhang, J
2010Video Quality Prediction in the Presence of MAC Contention and Wireless Channel ErrorSaesue, W; Chou, C; Zhang, J; N/A
1-Jan-2014Visual analysis and detection of network flood attacks through Two-Layer density approachHuang, ML; Zhang, J
1-Jan-2015Visual analytics for BigData variety and its behavioursZhang, J; Huang, ML; Meng, ZP
12-Sep-2013Visual analytics for intrusion detection in spam emailsZhang, J; Huang, ML; Hoang, D
1-Dec-2013Visual analytics model for intrusion detection in flood attackZhang, J; Huang, ML