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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02-19An Optimized Round-Robin Scheduling of Speakers for Peers-to-Peers-Based Byzantine Faulty ToleranceYu, G; Wang, X; Zha, X; Zhang, JA; Liu, RP
2015-06-01Out-of-band emission reduction and a unified framework for precoded OFDMHuang, X; Zhang, JA; Guo, YJ
2015-07-15PAM-SCFDE for Optical Wireless CommunicationsNuwanpriya, A; Ho, SW; Zhang, JA; Grant, AJ; Luo, L
2014-01-01Prioritizing consumers in smart grid: A game theoretic approachTushar, W; Zhang, JA; Smith, DB; Poor, HV; Thiébaux, S
2013-01-01Prioritizing consumers in smart grid: Energy management using game theoryTushar, W; Zhang, JA; Smith, DB; Thiebaux, S; Poor, HV
2019-05-01Quantization with Combined Codebook for Hybrid Array using Two-Phase-Shifter StructureLuo, Y; Zhang, JA; Huang, S; Pan, J; Huang, X
2013-08-21Sample rate conversion with parallel processing for high speed multiband OFDM systemsHuang, X; Joseph, J; Zhang, JA; Guo, YJ
2019-10-01Secrecy Rate Analysis against Aerial EavesdropperYuan, X; Feng, Z; Ni, W; Wei, Z; Liu, RP; Zhang, JA
2019Semi-Persistent Resource Allocation Based on Traffic Prediction for Vehicular CommunicationsChu, P; Zhang, JA; Wang, X; Fang, G; Wang, D
2019-04-01Semi-persistent v2x resource allocation with traffic prediction in two-tier cellular networksChu, P; Zhang, JA; Wang, X; Fang, G; Wang, D
2017-10-06Signal stripping based sensing parameter estimation in perceptive mobile networksZhang, JA; Huang, X; Guo, YJ; Rahman, ML
2016-03-17Smart grid energy management for a shared facility controller with renewablesTushar, W; Zhang, JA; Yuen, C; Smith, DB; Poor, HV
2012-08-01Space-time block code and spatial multiplexing design for quadrature-OFDMA systemsLuo, L; Zhang, JA; Davis, LM
2018-01-01Sparse Channel Modelling Using Multi-Measurement Vector Compressive SensingCui, PF; Zhang, JA; Lu, WJ; Guo, YJ; Zhu, HB
2018Sub-optimal Implementation of Sparse Bayesian Learning with Reduced ComplexityZhang, JA; Chen, Z; Cheng, P; Huang, X
2016-11-01Transceiver I/Q Imbalance Self-Calibration with Phase-Shifted Local Loopback for Multichannel Microwave BackhaulHuang, X; Jay Guo, Y; Zhang, JA
2013-05-20Under-determined training and estimation for distributed transmit beamforming systemsZhang, JA; Yang, TT; Chen, Z
2015-01-12Unified out-of-band emission reduction with linear complexity for OFDMHuang, X; Zhang, JA; Guo, YJ
2018-06-01A Unified Precoding Scheme for Generalized Spatial ModulationCheng, P; Chen, Z; Zhang, JA; Li, Y; Vucetic, B
2017-11-14User-Directed Analog Beamforming for Multiuser Millimeter-Wave Hybrid Array SystemsZhang, JA; Li, H; Huang, X; Guo, YJ; Cantoni, A