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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2004Effect of a half-toroidal continuously variable unit on the dynamics of a complete powertrain: A parametric free vibration analysisDutta-Roy, T; Zhang, N
1-Dec-2012The effect of rolling speed and friction on cold rolling mill stabilityKim, YS; Zhang, N; Ji, JC; Yuen, WYD
1-Oct-2018Efficiency comparison of electric vehicles powertrains with dual motor and single motor inputWu, J; Liang, J; Ruan, J; Zhang, N; Walker, PD
1-Mar-2017Efficiency improvement of vehicle active suspension based on multi-objective integrated optimizationSun, W; Li, Y; Huang, J; Zhang, N
1-Jan-2014An electric scooter with super-capacitor drive and regenerative brakingSun, L; Awadallah, M; Chi, L; Zhang, N
13-Jul-2016Eliminating the torque hole: Using a mild hybrid EV architecture to deliver better driveabilityAwadallah, M; Tawadros, P; Walker, P; Zhang, N
1-Jan-2012Empirical analysis of a roll-plane hydraulically interconnected suspension system under vehicle articulation modeRoser, HM; Wang, L; Zhang, N
1-May-2019Energy management and shifting stability control for a novel dual input clutchless transmission systemWu, H; Walker, P; Wu, J; Liang, J; Ruan, J; Zhang, N
1-Nov-2007Energy-to-peak control of seismic-excited buildings with input delayDu, H; Zhang, N
1-Jan-2012Engagement and control of synchroniser mechanisms in dual clutch transmissionsWalker, PD; Zhang, N
1-Nov-2017Enhanced regenerative braking strategies for electric vehicles: Dynamic performance and potential analysisXiao, B; Lu, H; Wang, H; Ruan, J; Zhang, N
1-Jul-2016Estimation method of state-of-charge for lithium-ion battery used in hybrid electric vehicles based on variable structure extended kalman filterSun, Y; Ma, Z; Tang, G; Chen, Z; Zhang, N
1-May-2002The exact solution of coupled thermoelectroelastic behavior of piezoelectric laminatesZhang, C; Cheung, YK; Di, S; Zhang, N
1-Dec-2009Experimental and theoretical investigation into the dynamics of a half-car with an interconnected passive suspensionSmith, W; Zhang, N
21-Jun-2013Experimental comparison of anti-roll bar with hydraulically interconnected suspension in articulation modeWang, L; Xu, G; Zhang, N; Roser, H
Jan-2002Experimental determination of bearing performance of the VentrAssist blood pumpChung, MK; Zhang, N; Tansley, GD; Woodard, JC; Hahn, E; Randall, RB
1-Dec-2005Experimental determination of dynamic characteristics of the impeller-bearing-housing system of ventrassistâ„¢ blood pumpZhang, N; Chung, M; Tansley, GD
Jan-2004Experimental Determination of Dynamic Characteristics of the VentrAssist Implantable Rotary Blood PumpChung, MK; Zhang, N; Tansley, GD; Qian, Y
1-Dec-2004Experimental determination of dynamic characteristics of the ventrassist implantable rotary blood pumpChung, MKH; Zhang, N; Tansley, GD; Qian, Y
2005Experimental Evaluation of Reduced Models of Large Structural Systems for Active Vibration ControlBoffa, J; Zhang, N; Lam; N.T.K., Wilson; J.L. Butler; B.