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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Dec-2017Lateral stability study of a vehicle fitted with hydraulically interconnected suspension in slalom maneuverWang, L; Jian, S; Qi, H; Zhang, N
1-Jan-2011Launch Control of a Dual Clutch Transmission Using a Detailed Hydraulic Component ModelZhou, X; Zhang, N; Walker, PD; Law, SS; Cheng, L; Xia, Y; Su, Z
1-Jun-2017Level-set topology optimization for mechanical metamaterials under hybrid uncertaintiesWu, J; Luo, Z; Li, H; Zhang, N
2-Jan-2017Level-set topology optimization for multimaterial and multifunctional mechanical metamaterialsWang, Y; Gao, J; Luo, Z; Brown, T; Zhang, N
Jan-2007Linear Modelling of Magneto-rheological Dampers Using Hybrid Intelligence TechniqueDu, H; Zhang, N; Randall, B; el, A
25-Feb-2017Load Identification of Virtual Iteration Based on Tikhonov Regularization and Model ReductionZhang, B; Zhou, S; Xie, Q; Zhang, N
1-Nov-2014Loss of super-harmonic resonances in a time-delayed nonlinear oscillatorJi, JC; Zhang, N
Jan-2005Low-Coherence Interferometric Position Measurement of the VentrAssist Rotary Blood Pump ImpellerTsang, JY; Zhang, N; Cook, M; Salman Leon, M; Adbul Ragman, R; Zin, TC
26-Jul-2017A low-cost and novel approach in gearshift control for a mild-hybrid powertrainAwadallah, M; Tawadros, P; Walker, P; Zhang, N
1-Jun-2012A meshfree level-set method for topological shape optimization of compliant multiphysics actuatorsLuo, Z; Zhang, N; Ji, J; Wu, T
1-May-2010A method for estimation of vehicle inertial parametersRozyn, M; Zhang, N
1-Mar-2017A Method to Start Rotating Induction Motor Based on Speed Sensorless Model-Predictive ControlYang, H; Zhang, Y; Walker, PD; Zhang, N; Xia, B
1-Aug-2003Micromechanics of braided composites via multivariable FEMSun, H; Di, S; Zhang, N; Pan, N; Wu, C
7-Mar-2001Micromechanics of composite materials using multivariable finite element method and homogenization theorySun, H; Di, S; Zhang, N; Wu, C
2003Mixed H2/H_infinity Control of Tall Buildings with Reduced-Order Modeling TechniqueDu, H; Zhang, N; Nguyen, HT
1-Feb-2008Mixed H<inf>2</inf>/H<inf>∞</inf> control of tall buildings with reduced-order modelling techniqueDu, H; Zhang, N; Nguyen, H
1-Jan-2016Modal and Dynamic Analysis of a Vehicle with Kinetic Dynamic Suspension SystemZhang, B; Zhang, J; Yi, J; Zhang, N; Jin, Q
14-Nov-2006Model reduction of large rotor-bearing-foundation systemsZhang, N; Hu, W; Hahn, EJ
1-Jun-2009Model-based fuzzy control for buildings installed with magneto-rheological dampersDu, H; Zhang, N
15-Feb-2018Modeling and control strategy for a height adjustable and anti-roll hydraulically interconnected suspensionZhao, H; Zhang, B; Zhang, N; Peng, P; Zheng, M