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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Observer-based H<inf>∞</inf> control for vehicle handling and stability subject to parameter uncertaintiesZhang, Z; Zhang, N; Huang, C; Liu, X; Ding, F
4-Dec-2017Off-line optimization based active control of torsional oscillation for electric vehicle drivetrainLin, C; Sun, S; Walker, P; Zhang, N
1-Nov-2007Optimal active random vibration control for smart truss structures based on reliabilityGao, W; Zhang, N
Jan-2008Optimal energy management for plug-in hybrid electric vehiclesAbdul Rahman, S; Zhang, N; Zhu, J; NA
25-Apr-2017Optimal Preview Position Control for Automotive Electronic ThrottleZhang, B; Chen, Z; Tian, Y; Zhang, N; Wang, M
1-Feb-2019Optimal preview position control for shifting actuators of automated manual transmissionChen, Z; Zhang, B; Zhang, N; Du, H; Kong, G
12-Aug-2013Optimization-based interval dynamic response analysis of a bridge under a moving vehicle with uncertain propertiesLiu, N; Gao, W; Song, CM; Zhang, N
1-May-2019An Optimized Real-Time Energy Management Strategy for the Power-Split Hybrid Electric VehiclesWu, J; Ruan, J; Zhang, N; Walker, PD
Jan-2011Parameter study of synchroniser mechanisms applied to Dual Clutch TransmissionsWalker, PD; Zhang, N
11-Nov-2008Parameter-dependent input-delayed control of uncertain vehicle suspensionsDu, H; Zhang, N; Lam, J
1-Jan-2012Passive and active hydraulically interconnected suspensions and their applicationsZhang, N; Smith, W; Wang, L
Jan-2013Performance Evaluation of Two-Speed Electric VehiclesWalker, PD; Roser, HM; Zhang, N; Wellnitz, J; Subic, A; Trufin, R
1-Jan-2013Performance improvement of a two speed EV through combined gear ratio and shift schedule optimizationZhou, X; Walker, P; Zhang, N; Zhu, B
2-Apr-2012A physically meaningful level set method for topology optimization of structuresLuo, Z; Zhang, N; Wang, Y
1-Mar-2018Power-on shifting in dual input clutchless power-shifting transmission for electric vehiclesLiang, J; Yang, H; Wu, J; Zhang, N; Walker, PD
1-Feb-2019Power-split strategy of a novel dual-input series-parallel hybrid electric vehicleNguyen, CT; Zhang, N; Walker, PD; Ruan, J
15-Feb-2017Powertrain dynamics and control of a two speed dual clutch transmission for electric vehiclesWalker, P; Zhu, B; Zhang, N
Jan-2003Powertrain Vibration Analysis Using Torsional Finite ElementsCrowther, AR; Zhang, N; Joseph Mathew
1-Jan-2019The prediction of braking noise in regenerative braking system using closed-loop coupling disk brake modelGao, P; Ruan, J; Du, Y; Walker, PD; Zhang, N
Jan-2008Probabilistic and interval static response analysis of truss structures with uncertain parametersGao, W; Zhang, N