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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Apr-2016The Safety and Dynamic Performance of Blended Brake System on a Two-Speed DCT Based Battery Electric VehicleRuan, J; Walker, P; Zhang, N; Xu, G
1-Feb-2010Seismic random vibration analysis of shear beams with random structural parametersDai, J; Gao, W; Zhang, N; Liu, N
1-Jan-2016Selection and characterisation of PMSM motor for mild HEV applicationsAwadallah, M; Tawadros, P; Walker, P; Zhang, N
13-Sep-2013Semi-active control of an integrated full-car suspension with seat suspension and driver body model using ER dampersDu, H; Li, W; Zhang, N
1-Oct-2011Semi-active variable stiffness vibration control of vehicle seat suspension using an MR elastomer isolatorDu, H; Li, W; Zhang, N
1-Dec-2005Sensitivity of key parameters to dynamics of hydraulic power steering systemsWang, M; Zhang, N; Misra, A
1-May-2018Shifting and power sharing control of a novel dual input clutchless transmission for electric vehiclesLiang, J; Yang, H; Wu, J; Zhang, N; Walker, PD
25-Dec-2017Simulation and Experimental Study on Bouc-Wen Hysteresis Model of Leaf SpringZhang, J; Wu, Y; Zhang, B; Zhang, N; Liu, X
25-Apr-2017Simulation and Experimental Study on the Off-road Performance of Vehicle with Hydraulically Interconnected SuspensionZhou, M; Zhang, J; Zheng, M; Zhang, N; Zhang, B
Jan-2006Simulation and Testing of Hydraulic Power Steering SystemWang, M; Zhang, N; Chapman, C; Park, N; Misra, A; Tanaka, PH
2013Simulation of Thermal behavior of a Two-speed Dual Clutch TransmssionZhou 1, X; Walker, P; Zhang, N; Zhu, B; Ruan, J
1-Apr-2011Simulations of drag torque affecting synchronisers in a dual clutch transmissionWalker, PD; Zhang, N; Tamba, R; Fitzgerald, S
1-Jul-2018Sliding-Mode Observer Based Voltage-Sensorless Model Predictive Power Control of PWM Rectifier under Unbalanced Grid ConditionsYang, H; Zhang, Y; Liang, J; Gao, J; Walker, PD; Zhang, N
1-Jun-2012Special rotational deformation effect on the emission of dislocations from a crack tip in deformed nanocrystalline solidsFang, QH; Feng, H; Liu, YW; Lin, S; Zhang, N
1-May-2017Speed sensorless model predictive current control with ability to start a free running induction motorYang, H; Zhang, Y; Walker, PD; Liang, J; Zhang, N; Xia, B
1-Jun-2010Stabilizing vehicle lateral dynamics with considerations of parameter uncertainties and control saturation through robust yaw controlDu, H; Zhang, N; Dong, G
1-Sep-2009Static output feedback control for electrohydraulic active suspensions VIA T-S fuzzy model approachDu, H; Zhang, N
1-Jan-2016Steady-state response of fluid-structure interactions in hydraulic piping system of passive interconnected suspensionsZhao, J; Zhang, N; Ji, JC
1-Dec-2008A stochastic quarter-car model for dynamic analysis of vehicles with uncertain parametersGao, W; Zhang, N; Dai, J
20-Apr-2012Structural shape and topology optimization using a meshless Galerkin level set methodLuo, Z; Zhang, N; Gao, W; Ma, H