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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2013SCUC with battery energy storage system for peak-load shaving and reserve supportHu, Z; Zhang, S; Zhang, F; Lu, H
Jan-2008Secure Transaction Protocol AnalysisChen, Q; Zhang, C; Zhang, S
Jan-2013Selecting Top-k Composite Web Services using Preference-aware Dominance RelationshipZhang, S; Dou, W; Chen, J; N/A
Jan-2007Semi-parametric optimization for missing data imputationQin, Y; Zhang, S; Zhu, X; Zhang, J; Zhang, C
Jan-2002Set Discrimination Of Quantum StatesZhang, S; Ying, M
Jan-2009Strategies for complex data cube queriesZhang, S; Wang, R; Jin, Z
Jan-2008A Strategy for Attributes Selection in Cost-Sensitive Decision Trees InductionZhang, S; Liu, L; Zhu, X; Shan, C; He, X; Wu, Q; Nguyen, QV; Jia, W
Jan-2003Synthesizing high-frequency rules from different data sourcesWu, X; Zhang, S
Jan-2003Temporal constraint satisfaction in matrix methodZhang, C; Zhang, S; Zhang, Z
Jan-2003Toward databases mining: Pre-processing collected dataYan, X; Zhang, C; Zhang, S
Jan-2002Universal And Original-Preserving Quantum Copying Is ImpossibleFeng, Y; Zhang, S; Sun, X; Ying, M
Jan-2001Upper Bound For The Success Probability Of Unambiguous Discrimination Among Quantum StatesZhang, S; Feng, Y; Sun, X; Ying, M
Jan-2004A verification model for electronic transaction protocolsChen, Q; Zhang, C; Zhang, S; Yu, J; Lin, X; Lu, H; Zhang, Y
Jan-2003Verifying the Payment Authorization in SET ProtocolChen, Q; Zhang, C; Zhang, S; Liu, J; Cheung, Y; Yin, H
Jan-2003Verifying the Purchase Request in SET ProtocolChen, Q; Zhang, C; Zhang, S; Li, C; Zhou, X; Zhang, Y; Orlowska, M
28-Aug-2014Who Receives Unemployment Insurance?Chan, M; Michaelides, M; Zhang, S
Jan-2017α-NaYF4:Yb3+-Tm3+@CaF2 nanocrystals for NIR-to-NIR temperature sensingWu, R; Zhou, J; Lei, L; Zhang, S; Xiao, Z; Zhang, J; Xu, S