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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2018Quantifying effects of hydrological and water quality disturbances on fish with food-web modelingZhao, C; Zhang, Y; Yang, S; Xiang, H; Sun, Y; Yang, Z; Yu, Q; Lim, RP
1-Jun-2010Quantile-based KNN over multi-valued objectsZhang, W; Lin, X; Cheema, MA; Zhang, Y; Wang, W
1-Oct-2011Random walk based rank aggregation to improving web searchLi, L; Xu, G; Zhang, Y; Kitsuregawa, M
17-Oct-2015Range search on uncertain trajectoriesZhan, L; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Wang, X; Lin, X
1-May-2019Ranking scientific articles based on bibliometric networks with a weighting schemeZhang, Y; Wang, M; Gottwalt, F; Saberi, M; Chang, E
1-Jul-2011Ranking uncertain sky: The probabilistic top-k skyline operatorZhang, Y; Zhang, W; Lin, X; Jiang, B; Pei, J
1-Jan-2018Real-time constrained cycle detection in large dynamic graphsQiu, X; Cen, W; Qian, Z; Peng, Y; Zhang, Y; Lin, X; Zhou, J
1-Dec-2017Recent increases in terrestrial carbon uptake at little cost to the water cycleCheng, L; Zhang, L; Wang, YP; Canadell, JG; Chiew, FHS; Beringer, J; Li, L; Miralles, DG; Piao, S; Zhang, Y
14-Feb-2012Recognition of key regions for restoration of phytoplankton communities in the Huai River basin, ChinaZhao, C; Liu, C; Xia, J; Zhang, Y; Yu, Q; Eamus, D
Jan-2009Regularized estimation for preference disaggregation in multiple criteria decision makingZhang, Y; Zhang, P; Shi, Y
1-Mar-2018Reliability analysis for k-out-of-n systems with shared load and dependent componentsZhang, T; Zhang, Y; Du, X
1-Oct-2005Removal of estrone and 17β-estradiol from water by adsorptionZhang, Y; Zhou, JL
24-Jun-2014Reply to Magnani et al.: Linking large-scale chlorophyll fluorescence observations with cropland gross primary productionGuanter, L; Zhang, Y; Jung, M; Joiner, J; Voigt, M; Berry, JA; Frankenberg, C; Huete, AR; Zarco-Tejada, P; Lee, JE; Moran, MS; Ponce-Campos, G; Beer, C; Camps-Valls, G; Buchmann, N; Gianelle, D; Klumpp, K; Cescatti, A; Baker, JM; Griffis, TJ
1-Sep-2017Requirement-oriented core technological components’ identification based on SAO analysisYang, C; Zhu, D; Wang, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, G; Lu, J
1-Dec-2012Research on lightning over-voltage in 1000kV gas insulated switchgear substationZhang, Y; Xu, W; Liu, N; Zhang, Y; Hu, J; Zhu, J
Jan-2007Resolving Assumptions in Art-Technology Collaboration as a Means of Extending Shared UnderstandingZhang, Y; Weakley, AJ; Edmonds, EA; Smith, MJ; Salvendy, G
1-Dec-2017Responses of LAI to rainfall explain contrasting sensitivities to carbon uptake between forest and non-forest ecosystems in AustraliaLi, L; Wang, YP; Beringer, J; Shi, H; Cleverly, J; Cheng, L; Eamus, D; Huete, A; Hutley, L; Lu, X; Piao, S; Zhang, L; Zhang, Y; Yu, Q
1-Apr-2017Reverse k nearest neighbors queries and spatial reverse top-k queriesYang, S; Cheema, MA; Lin, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W
26-Jul-2016Reversible Structural Swell-Shrink and Recoverable Optical Properties in Hybrid Inorganic-Organic PerovskiteZhang, Y; Wang, Y; Xu, ZQ; Liu, J; Song, J; Xue, Y; Wang, Z; Zheng, J; Jiang, L; Zheng, C; Huang, F; Sun, B; Cheng, YB; Bao, Q
1-Jan-2018Robust Deadbeat Predictive Power Control with a Discrete-Time Disturbance Observer for PWM Rectifiers under Unbalanced Grid ConditionsYang, H; Zhang, Y; Liang, J; Liu, J; Zhang, N; Walker, PD