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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Pharmaceutical compounds in estuarine and coastal watersZhou, JL; Zhang, Z; Oliver Wurl
1-Dec-2004A platform for dynamic organization of agents in agent-based systemsLi, C; Zhang, Z; Zhang, C
Jan-2011Prediction of protein interaction hot spots using rough set-based multiple criteria linear programmingChen, R; Zhang, Z; Wu, D; Zhang, P; Zhang, X; Wang, Y; Shi, Y
1-Nov-2010Probability of k-hop connection under random connection modelMao, G; Zhang, Z; Anderson, BDO
1-Oct-2016Recommendation using DMF-based fine tuning methodZhang, Z; Liu, Y; Xu, G; Luo, G
9-Dec-2016ReD-SFA: Relation discovery based slow feature analysis for trajectory clusteringZhang, Z; Huang, K; Tan, T; Yang, P; Li, J
1-Jul-2018A reducibility method for the weak linear bilevel programming problems and a case study in principal-agentZheng, Y; Zhang, G; Zhang, Z; Lu, J
1-Jan-2013Reliability of all-to-all broadcast with network codingMa, L; Lin, Z; Zhang, Z; Mao, G; Vucetic, B
1-Jan-2014Removal and fate of micropollutants in a sponge-based moving bed bioreactorLuo, Y; Guo, W; Ngo, HH; Nghiem, LD; Hai, FI; Kang, J; Xia, S; Zhang, Z; Price, WE
1-Dec-2007A review of tracking methods under occlusionsZhang, Z; Piccardi, M
1-Dec-2004A ring-based architectural model for middle agents in agent-based systemLi, C; Zhang, C; Zhang, Z
1-Jun-2019A robust and efficient approach to causal inference based on sparse sufficient dimension reductionMa, S; Zhu, L; Zhang, Z; Tsai, CL; Carroll, RJ
1-Jan-2016The Role of Nonlinearity and Uncertainty in Assessing Disc Brake Squeal PropensityOberst, S; Zhang, Z; Lai, JCS
Jan-2008A Rough Set-Based Multiple Criteria Linear Programming Approach for ClassificationZhang, Z; Shi, Y; Zhang, P; Gao, G
Jan-2003A Scalable and Robust Framework for Agent-Based Heterogeneous Database OperationLi, C; Zhang, C; Chen, Q; Zhang, Z; Mohammadian, M
1-Jul-2017Scene character recognition using coupled spatial learningZhang, Z; Wang, H; Liu, S; Zheng, L
1-Sep-2012Segment-based features for time series classificationZhang, Z; Cheng, J; Li, J; Bian, W; Tao, D
Jan-2008Select Representative Samples for Regularized Multiple-Criteria Linear Programming ClassificationZhang, P; Tian, Y; Li, X; Zhang, Z; Shi, Y
1-Jan-2015Shoulder joint angle errors caused by marker offsetZhang, Z; Halkon, B; Chou, SM; Qu, X
1-Aug-2017Similarity regularized sparse group lasso for cup to disc ratio computationCheng, J; Zhang, Z; Tao, D; Wong, DWK; Liu, J; Baskaran, M; Aung, T; Wong, TY