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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2016A magnetically actuated anchoring system for a wireless endoscopic capsuleZhou, H; Alici, G; Munoz, F
1-Nov-2018Malware propagations in wireless Ad Hoc networksLiu, B; Zhou, W; Gao, L; Zhou, H; Luan, TH; Wen, S
4-Dec-2018MTF: Mitigating link flooding attacks in delay tolerant networksWang, Z; Zhou, H; Feng, B; Quan, W; Yu, S
1-Apr-2018Multistage Signaling Game-Based Optimal Detection Strategies for Suppressing Malware Diffusion in Fog-Cloud-Based IoT NetworksShen, S; Huang, L; Zhou, H; Yu, S; Fan, E; Cao, Q
1-Dec-2017Nurse–physician communication – An integrated reviewTan, TC; Zhou, H; Kelly, M
31-Mar-2016Pure-state tomography with the expectation value of Pauli operatorsMa, X; Jackson, T; Zhou, H; Chen, J; Lu, D; Mazurek, MD; Fisher, KAG; Peng, X; Kribs, D; Resch, KJ; Ji, Z; Zeng, B; Laflamme, R
1-Jan-2016Recent progress in research on virtual sound barriersQiu, X; Zhou, H
Jan-2004A Scheme for Improving TCP Fairness and Throughput in Wireless NetworksZhou, H; Hoang, DB; Nhan, P; Safaei, F; Jha, S; Everitt, D
1-Mar-2018SERvICE: A Software Defined Framework for Integrated Space-Terrestrial Satellite CommunicationLi, T; Zhou, H; Luo, H; Yu, S
1-Aug-2016Shape-appearance-correlated active appearance modelZhou, H; Lam, KM; He, X
27-Jul-2018An SMDP-Based service function allocation scheme for mobile edge cloudsLi, G; Feng, B; Li, G; Zhou, H; Yu, S
1-Nov-2018Structure-aware image fusionLi, W; Xie, Y; Zhou, H; Han, Y; Zhan, K
2006Sustained Preconditioning Induced By Cardiac Transgenesis With The Tetracycline TransactivatorTurnbull, L; Zhou, H; Swigart, P; Turcato, S; Karliner, J; Conklin, B; Simpson, P; Baker, A
Jan-2004Throughput and Fairness of Multiple TCP connections in Wireless NetworksZhou, H; Leis, J; Hoang, DB; Nhan, P; html, HWDWCWCFP
2-Aug-2017Truncated Circular Cone Slot Antenna Array That Radiates a Circularly Polarized Conical BeamChenhu, G; Geng, J; Zhou, H; Li, J; Liu, L; Liang, X; Zhu, W; Jin, R; Ziolkowski, RW
1-Jan-2018You Can Recharge With Detouring: Optimizing Placement for Roadside Wireless ChargerRao, X; Yan, Y; Zhang, M; Xu, W; Fan, X; Zhou, H; Yang, P