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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2016Sensorless active disturbance rejection model predictive torque control using extended state observer for permanent magnet synchronous motors fed by three-phase four-switch inverterTeng, QF; Li, GF; Zhu, JG; Guo, YG
1-Feb-2012Sequential subspace optimization method for electromagnetic devices design with orthogonal design techniqueLei, G; Guo, YG; Zhu, JG; Chen, XM; Xu, W; Shao, KR
1-Dec-2011Simulation and experimental studies of permanent magnet synchronous motor control methodsWang, TS; Zhu, JG; Guo, YG; Lei, G; Xu, W
24-Dec-2010Simulation and optimization of six-stage electromagnetic coilgunGuo, L; Wang, S; Guo, N; Qiu, J; Zhu, JG; Guo, Y; Wang, Y; Xu, W
1-Dec-2010Simulation of PV array characteristics and fabrication of microcontroller based MPPTIslam, MR; Guo, Y; Zhu, JG; Rabbani, MG
4-Dec-2018Skew angle optimization analysis of a permanent magnet synchronous motor for EVsSun, X; Shi, Z; Chen, L; Yang, Z; Lei, G; Zhu, JG; Guo, YG
1-Jan-2003A space vector modulation direct torque control for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive systemsSun, D; Zhu, JG; He, YK
1-Sep-2018A Split Translator Secondary Stator Permanent Magnet Linear Generator for Oceanic Wave Energy ConversionFarrok, O; Islam, MR; Sheikh, MRI; Guo, Y; Zhu, JG
1-Dec-2010Steady state characteristic simulation of DFIG for wind power systemIslam, MR; Guo, Y; Zhu, JG
1-Dec-2017Strength analysis and design of high speed interior permanent magnet rotorZhang, C; Zhu, JG; Tong, WM; Han, XY
1-Dec-2004Study with magnetic property measurement of soft magnetic composite material and its application in electrical machinesZhu, JG; Guo, Y
1-Dec-2007A survey of direct torque control schemes for permanent magnet synchronous motor drivesWang, Y; Zhu, JG; Guo, YG
1-Feb-2012System level six sigma robust optimization of a drive system with PM transverse flux machineLei, G; Guo, YG; Zhu, JG; Wang, TS; Chen, XM; Shao, KR
29-Dec-2015Technical issues of sizing Lead-Acid batteries for application in residential renewable energy systemsJafari, M; Platt, G; Malekjamshidi, Z; Zhu, JG
1-Dec-2011Terminal sliding mode speed controller based on vector control for brushless doubly fed machineZhan, YD; Guo, YG; Zhu, JG
1-Jun-2007Theory and operation principle of a HTS high Q resonant circuitJin, JX; Zhang, CM; Guo, YG; Zhu, JG
1-Jun-2005Thermal analysis of soft magnetic composite motors using a hybrid model with distributed heat sourcesGuo, YG; Zhu, JG; Wu, W
15-Apr-2016Thermal analysis of the conical rotor motor using LPTN combined with fluid simulationGuo, BC; Huang, YK; Guo, YG; Zhu, JG
15-May-2005Third harmonics due to surface barrier in high-temperature superconductorXu, XB; Zhang, L; Leng, X; Ding, SY; Liu, HK; Wang, XL; Dou, SX; Lin, ZW; Zhu, JG
25-May-2006Three-dimensional hysteresis of soft magnetic compositeLin, ZW; Zhu, JG; Guo, YG; Wang, XL; Ding, SY