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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2011Complementary therapies in healthcare: Design, implementation and evaluation of an elective course for undergraduate studentsvan der Riet, P; Francis, L; Levett-Jones, T
1-Jun-2018The effectiveness of mindfulness meditation for nurses and nursing students: An integrated literature reviewvan der Riet, P; Levett-Jones, T; Aquino-Russell, C
1-Dec-2018Experiences of older people following the introduction of consumer-directed care to home care packages: A qualitative descriptive studyDay, J; Thorington Taylor, AC; Hunter, S; Summons, P; van der Riet, P; Harris, M; Maguire, J; Dilworth, S; Jeong, S; Bellchambers, H; Haydon, G; Higgins, I
1-May-2018Nursing students' perceptions of a collaborative clinical placement model: A qualitative descriptive studyvan der Riet, P; Levett-Jones, T; Courtney-Pratt, H
1-Apr-2011The prevalence and characteristics of young and mid-age women who use yoga and meditation: Results of a nationally representative survey of 19,209 Australian womenSibbritt, D; Adams, J; van der Riet, P
1-Apr-2018Real-life experiences of people with transient ischaemic attack or minor stroke: A qualitative literature reviewCrowfoot, G; van der Riet, P; Maguire, J
1-Jul-2012Rehabilitation of stroke patients using traditional Thai massage, herbal treatments and physical therapiesSibbritt, D; van der Riet, P; Dedkhard, S; Srithong, K
1-Mar-2017Survivors' quality of life after cardiopulmonary resuscitation: an integrative review of the literatureHaydon, G; van der Riet, P; Maguire, J