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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Sep-2013The application of target costing to the real-estate investment industry - A dual model approachWu, CL; Brown, D; Sivabalan, P; Huang, PH
1-Oct-2011Changing Perioperative Practice in an Indonesian Hospital: Part I of IIHamlin, L; Brown, D
Apr-2006Collaborative partnerships for nursing faculties and health service providers: what can nursing learn from business literature?Brown, D; White, J; Leibbrandt, L
1-Sep-2010Generational characteristics and their impact on preference for management control systemsPetroulas, E; Brown, D; Sundin, H
1-Dec-2017‘It's all about the Benjamins’: Infringement notices and young people in New South WalesBrown, D; Cunneen, C; Russell, S
Jan-2013The Italian Production of Space in Tianjin: heterotopia and emotional capitalMarinelli, M; Brady, AM; Brown, D
2016Justice Reinvestment as Social JusticeBrown, D; Cunneen, C; Schwartz, M; Stubbs, J; Young, C
1-Jun-2009Management control systems in a non-enterprise network: The greenhouse gas protocol initiativeSundin, H; Brown, D; Wakefield, J; Ranganathan, J
Aug-2005National comparative curriculum evaluation of baccalaureate nursing degrees: a framework for the practice based professions.Leibbrandt, L; Brown, D; White, J
1-Dec-2008Strategic human resource management and knowledge workers: A case study of professional service firmsTeo, STT; Lakhani, B; Brown, D; Malmi, T
1-Jan-2006'You find yourself.' Perceptions of nursing students from non-English speaking backgrounds of the effect of an intensive language support program on their oral clinical communication skills.Rogan, F; San Miguel, C; Brown, D; Kilstoff, K