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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Australian Gothic: Black Light Angels, Appearance and Subcultural StyleKaraminas, V; Hancock, J; Johnson-Woods, T; Karaminas, V
Jan-2009A Brief History of Men's Fashion: IntroductionMcNeil, PK; McNeil, P; Karaminas, V
Jan-2007Clothing and Fashion, Middle EastKaraminas, V; Thomas Benjamin
Jan-2006Fantastic Architecture and the Building of Europe in Valerio Evangelisti's Eymerich FictionMikula, MH; Hill, M; Karaminas, V
2007Fashioning the Hood': THe Tracksuit as a Cultural IconKaraminas, V; Daborn, s; Harbutt, V; Kirkman, J; Loxley, A
Jan-2005A Home for Heroes: The Incredibles Domestic DesignHill, MJ; Karaminas, V; Hill, M
Jan-2012Image: Fashionscapes - Notes Towards an Understanding of Media Technologies and their Impact on Contemporary Fashion ImageryKaraminas, V; Geczy, A; Karaminas, V
Jan-2007Imagining the Orient: Cultural Appropriation in the florence Broadhurst CollectionKaraminas, V
Jan-2009Introduction - Part 1: A Brief History of Men's FashionMcNeil, PK; McNeil, P; Karaminas, V
Jan-2009Introduction: The Field of Men's FashionMcNeil, PK; McNeil, P; Karaminas, V
Jan-2009Macaroni MasculinitiesMcNeil, PK; McNeil, P; Karaminas, V
2002Migrations of Identity and Home: Mapping Western SydneyKaraminas, V; Vicki Karaminas, Kay Shumack and Ien ang
Jan-2005"No Capes!" Uber Fashion and How "Luck Favors the Prepared". Constructing Contemporary Superhero Identities in American Popular Culture.Karaminas, V; Hill, M; Karaminas, V
Jan-2013Queer StyleGeczy, A; Karaminas, V
Jan-2003[Slide Show] Greetings From AustraliaKaraminas, V
Jan-2007Uber Men: Fashionable Heroics and Masculine StyleKaraminas, V; Pears, DJ
Jan-2009Ubermen: Masculinity, Costume, and Meaning in Comic Book SuperheroesKaraminas, V; McNeil, P; Karaminas, V
Jan-2009The Vampire Dandy: Reconceptualising Masculine Identities in Fashion, Cinema, and LiteratureKaraminas, V
Jan-2007Wallpaper Tiger: The Florence Broadhurst Collection and Questions of Appropriation in DesignKaraminas, V; Friedman, K; Love, T; Corte-Real, E; Rust, C
2007Where Fashion and Architecture Collide: The Design Aesthetic of Shinmi ParkKaraminas, V; Peter McNeil