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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Assessing Online Collaboratories: A Peer Review of Teaching and LearningAnderson, TK; Parker, NJ; McKenzie, JA; Milton, J; Hall, C; Lang, J; Allan, G; Nomikoudis, M
Jan-2013Benchmarking with the BLASST Sessional Staff Standards FrameworkLuzia, K; Harvey, M; Parker, NJ; McCormack, C; Brown, N; McKenzie, JA
2014Building local leadership for research educationBoud, D; Brew, A; Dowling, R; Kiley, M; Malfroy, J; McKenzie, JA; Solomon, N; Ryland, K
Jan-2001Development of learnee-focused, sustainable-engineering subjectMadadnia, J; Koosha, H; McKenzie, JA
Jan-2005Dissemination, adoption and adaptation of project innovations in higher educationMcKenzie, JA; Alexander, SA; Harper, C; Anderson, S
Jan-2010Measurement uncertainty as a threshold concept in PhysicsWilson, A; Akerlind, G; Francis, P; Kirkup, L; McKenzie, JA; Pearce, D; Sharma, M; Sharma, M
Jan-2011Peer review in online and blended learning environmentsMcKenzie, JA; Parker, NJ
Jan-2011Subject coordinators: leading professional development for sessional staffLefoe, G; Parrish, D; Malfroy, J; McKenzie, JA; Ryan, Y
Jan-2011A threshold concepts focus to curriculum design: supporting student learning through application of variation theoryAkerlind, G; McKenzie, JA; Lupton, M
Jan-2002Variation and relevance structures for university teachers learning: bringing about change in ways of experiencing teachingMcKenzie, JA; Goody, A; Herrington, J; Northcote, M
Jan-2007Variation in patterns of teacher development and change: Connections with the development of scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teachingMcKenzie, JA; Crisp, G; Hicks, M
Jan-2006Variation in ways of experiencing dissemination: Implications for the adoption and adaption of teaching and learning innovation projectsMcKenzie, JA; Alexander, SA; Bunker, A; Vardi, I