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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004The Appearance of Enlightenment: Refashioning the ElitesMcNeil, PK; Fitzpatrick, M; Jones, P; Knellwolf, C; McCalman, I
1-Mar-2017Around the Hill End TableMcNeil, PK; Alvarez, L; Deacon, K
Jan-2010Art and DressMcNeil, PK; Skov, L
Jan-2006The Art and Science of Walking: Gender, Space, and the Fashionable Body in the Long Eighteenth Century.McNeil, PK; Riello, G
2017‘Beauty in Search of Knowledge’: from fashion doll to the world of printMcNeil, PK; Welch, E
Jan-2012The Beauty of the EverydayMcNeil, PK; Sugarman, R
Jan-2010Between luxury and leisure: the nineteenth centuryRiello, G; McNeil, PK; Riello, G; McNeil, P
Jan-2013"Beyond the horizon of hair": Masculinity, nationhood and fashion in the Anglo-French Eighteenth centuryMcNeil, PK; Fresit, D; Schmekel, F
Jan-2006Beyond the Rainbow: Queer ShoesLomas, C; McNeil, PK; Gray, S
Jan-2009A Brief History of Men's Fashion: IntroductionMcNeil, PK; McNeil, P; Karaminas, V
Jan-2010Caricatura e moda: storia di una presa in giroMcNeil, PK; Muzzarelli, MG; Riello, G; Tosi Brandi, E
Jan-2005Caricature and FashionMcNeil, PK; Valerie Steele
Jan-2013Coiffures et postiches: extravagances capillaires au XVIIIe siecleMcNeil, PK
Jan-2013Conspicuous Waist: Queer Dress in the "Long Eighteenth Century"McNeil, PK; Steele, V
Jan-2010Crafting Queer Spaces: privacy and posturingMcNeil, PK; Myzelev, A; Potvin, J
Jan-2007Crafting queer spaces: privacy and posturingMcNeil, PK; Prior; Stead, J; Naomi
Jan-2002Decorating the Home: Australian Interior Decoration Between the WarsMcNeil, PK; Michael Bogle
2016‘Despots of Elegance’: Men’s Fashion 1715-1910McNeil, PK; Takeda, SS; Spilker, KD; Esguerra, C
Jan-2007Dissipation and Extravagance: Ageing FopsMcNeil, PK; Allan Peter
Jan-2013Domestic EnvironmentsMcNeil, PK; Hetherington, M