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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2008Building communityNikolova, N; Devinney, T
28-Jun-2015A change of space: the influence of an innovative building on organizational strategyNaar, LV; Nikolova, N; Reihlen, M; Salovaara, P; Ropo, A; de Paoli, D
1-Dec-2008Client and consultant interaction: Capturing social practices of professional service productionNikolova, N; Reihlen, M; Schlapfner, JF
1-Sep-2009Client-consultant interaction: Capturing social practices of professional service productionNikolova, N; Reihlen, M; Schlapfner, JF
Jan-2007The Client-Consultant Relationship in Professional Business Service FirmsNikolova, N
1-Oct-2017Creating Shared Value Through Service-Learning in Management EducationNikolova, N; Andersen, L
1-Jul-2018Delivering sustainability in supply networks: Achieving networked multi-stakeholder collaborationsJosserand, E; Kaine, S; Nikolova, N
5-Jul-2012Designing Entrepreneurial Work Environments: Exploring emergent design processesSchweitzer, J; Edwards, M; Nikolova, N; Nicolai, C
2017Exploring vertical and horizontal leadership in projects: A comparison of Indian and Australian contextsAgarwal, UA; Dixit, V; Jain, K; Sankaran, S; Nikolova, N; Müller, R; Drouin, N; Ayer, KC; Deshmukh, SG; Sawhney, A; Saha, R; Singh, SP
Jan-2008Gaining the competitive edge: The key to successful client consultant relationshipsChelliah, J; Nikolova, N; Davis, D; Wilson, M
1-Jul-2018Identities in Liquid ModernityAhuja, S; Nikolova, N; Clegg, SR
20-Feb-2009Influence and power dynamics in client-consultant teamsNikolova, N; Devinney, TM
1-Jan-2012Innovating through clientsNikolova, N
2-Oct-2016Innovative construction and the role of boundary objects: a Gehry case studyNaar, L; Nikolova, N; Forsythe, P
1-Sep-2010Knowledge production in consulting teamsReihlen, M; Nikolova, N
2016Leading projects by balancing vertical and horizontal leadership – International case studiesMuller, R; Nikolova, N; Sankaran, S; Hase, S; Zhu, F; Xu, X; Vaagaasar, AL; Drouin, N
Jan-2006Modelle der klienten-berater-interaktion und ihre empirische bedeutung in der beratungspraxisNikolova, N; Reihlen, M; Schlapfner, J; Reihlen, M; Rohde, A
2009The Nature and Role of Power in Client-Consultant TeamsDevinney, T; Nikolova, N
18-Sep-2012The Nature Of Client-Consultant Interaction: A Critical ReviewNikolova, N; Devinney, T
2018Nepean Jobs for AllNikolova, N; Josserand, E; Bobyreff, N