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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019ACO-RR: Ant Colony Optimization Ridge Regression in Reuse of Smart City SystemYin, Q; Niu, K; Li, N; Peng, X; Pan, Y
19-Jul-2019Attentive Dual Embedding for Understanding Medical Concept in Electronic Health RecordPeng, X; Long, G; Pan, S; Jiang, J; Niu, Z
1-Jan-2015Discovering sequential rental patterns by fleet trackingJiang, X; Peng, X; Long, G
9-Nov-2011A discretization algorithm of numerical attributes for digital library evaluation based on data mining technologyZhao, Y; Niu, Z; Peng, X; Dai, L
2014Enhanced web log based recommendation by personalized retrievalPeng, X
1-Dec-2012Fine-grained product features extraction and categorization in reviews opinion miningHuang, S; Liu, X; Peng, X; Niu, Z
1-Jun-2016Hot topic extraction and public opinion classification of tibetan textsXu, G; Qiu, L; Peng, X
1-Dec-2011News topic detection based on hierarchical clustering and named entityHuang, S; Peng, X; Niu, Z; Wang, K
31-Mar-2016Pure-state tomography with the expectation value of Pauli operatorsMa, X; Jackson, T; Zhou, H; Chen, J; Lu, D; Mazurek, MD; Fisher, KAG; Peng, X; Kribs, D; Resch, KJ; Ji, Z; Zeng, B; Laflamme, R
1-May-2014Research on data mining technologies for complicated attributes relationship in digital library collectionsZhao, Y; Niu, Z; Peng, X
1-Jul-2016Rural-led exchange rate appreciation in ChinaMenzies, G; Xiao, SX; Dixon, P; Peng, X; Rimmer, M
1-Jan-2018Sc2Net: Sparse LSTMs for sparse coding <sup>∗</sup>Zhou, JT; Di, K; Du, J; Peng, X; Yang, H; Pan, SJ; Tsang, IW; Liu, Y; Qin, Z; Goh, RSM
3-Apr-2019Stable maintenance of the rudivirus SIRV3 in a carrier state in Sulfolobus islandicus despite activation of the CRISPR-Cas immune response by a second virus SMV1Papathanasiou, P; Erdmann, S; Leon-Sobrino, C; Sharma, K; Urlaub, H; Garrett, RA; Peng, X
-Temporal Self-Attention Network for Medical Concept EmbeddingPeng, X; Long, G; Shen, T; Wang, S; Jiang, J; Blumenstein, M
7-Jun-2016Tomography is Necessary for Universal Entanglement Detection with Single-Copy ObservablesLu, D; Xin, T; Yu, N; Ji, Z; Chen, J; Long, G; Baugh, J; Peng, X; Zeng, B; Laflamme, R
14-Dec-2012Towards understanding requirement evolution in a software product line an industrial case studyWu, Y; Zowghi, D; Peng, X; Zhao, W
2019UTSP: User-based two-step recommendation with popularity normalization towards diversity and noveltyNiu, K; Zhao, X; Li, F; Li, N; Peng, X; Chen, W