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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-1996Accuracy of binned kernel functional approximationsGonzález-Manteiga, W; Sánchez-Sellero, C; Wand, MP
1-Jan-2017Accurate logistic variational message passing: algebraic and numerical detailsNolan, TH; Wand, MP
30-Jul-2006Additive models for geo-referenced failure time dataGanguli, B; Wand, MP
1-Jun-2005Additive models with predictors subject to measurement errorGanguli, B; Staudenmayer, J; Wand, MP
1-May-2003Association of expired nitric oxide with occupational particulate exposureKim, JY; Wand, MP; Hauser, R; Mukherjee, S; Herrick, RF; Christiani, DC
2011Asymptotic normality and valid inference for Gaussian variational approximationHall, P; Pham, T; Wand, MP; Wang, SSJ
1-Jun-2010Asymptotics and optimal bandwidth selection for highest density region estimationSamworth, RJ; Wand, MP
1-Jan-2011Asymptotics for general multivariate kernel density derivative estimatorsChacón, JE; Duong, T; Wand, MP
1-Sep-2009Automation in high-content flow cytometry screeningNaumann, U; Wand, MP
10-Nov-2005Bayesian analysis for penalized spline regression using WinBUGSCrainiceanu, CM; Ruppert, D; Wand, MP
1-Dec-2016Bringing coals to NewcastleRyan, LM; Wand, MP; Malecki, AA
1-Oct-2005Classifying antibodies using flow cytometry data: Class prediction and class discoverySalganik, MP; Milford, EL; Hardie, DL; Shaw, S; Wand, MP
1-Jan-2012Continued fraction enhancement of Bayesian computingWand, MP; Ormerod, JT
22-Jan-2010The curvHDR method for gating flow cytometry samplesNaumann, U; Luta, G; Wand, MP
20-Oct-2005Detecting antibodies with similar reactivity patterns in the HLDA8 blind panel of flow cytometry dataSalganik, MP; Hardie, DL; Swart, B; Dandie, GW; Zola, H; Shaw, S; Shapiro, H; Tinckam, K; Milford, EL; Wand, MP
1-Mar-2005Exact likelihood ratio tests for penalised splinesCrainiceanu, C; Ruppert, D; Claeskens, G; Wand, MP
1-May-2010Explaining variational approximationsOrmerod, JT; Wand, MP
1-Jan-2009Explicit connections between longitudinal data analysis and kernel machinesPearce, ND; Wand, MP
1-Jan-2016The explicit form of expectation propagation for a simple statistical modelKim, ASI; Wand, MP
2-Jan-2017Fast Approximate Inference for Arbitrarily Large Semiparametric Regression Models via Message PassingWand, MP