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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2007The views of nurses on adherence in school-aged children with a chronic illnessWales, S; Crisp, J
Jan-2007Development of children's assent documents using a child-centred approachFord, K; Sankey, J; Crisp, J
1-Dec-2006Quantitative evaluation of regular morning meetings aimed at improving work practices associated with effective interdisciplinary communicationAston, J; Shi, E; Bullôt, H; Galway, R; Crisp, J
Jan-2006Handwashing practice and policy variability when caring for central venous catheters in paediatric intensive careMorritt, ML; Harrod, ME; Crisp, J; Senner, AM; Galway, RK; Petty, S; Maurice, L; Harvey, A; Hardy, J; Donnellan, R
Jan-2005The story of Tom's asthma: promotion of adherence in children with chronic illnessWales, S; Jelley, D; Nadew, K; Poole, D; Thomsen, A; Crisp, J
Jan-2005Qualitative evaluation of regular morning meetings aimed at improving interdisciplinary communication and patient outcomesAston, J; Shi, E; Bullot, H; Galway, RK; Crisp, J
1-Jun-2004The role of specialist nurses in improving treatment adherence in children with a chronic illnessGoode, M; Harrod, ME; Wales, S; Crisp, J
1-Jun-2003Adherence issues in children and adolescents receiving highly active antiretroviral therapyGoode, M; McMaugh, A; Crisp, J; Wales, S; Ziegler, JB
1-Jun-2003Treatment adherence of youth and young adults with and without a chronic illnessRosina, R; Crisp, J; Steinbeck, K
Jan-2003Central venous access and handwashing: variability in policies and practices.Galway, RK; Harrod, ME; Crisp, J; Donnellan, R; Hardy, J; Harvey, A; Maurice, L; Petty, S; Senner, AM