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2014Regulation of the Sex Industry: Assumptions of Offence, Awareness and Impacts on Safety and AmenityCrofts, P; Prior, J; Sagade, J; Jivan, V; Forster, C
1-Nov-2013Planning, law, and sexuality: Hiding immorality in plain viewPrior, J; Crofts, P; Hubbard, P
7-Feb-2013Noxious neighbours? interrogating the impacts of sex premises in residential areasHubbard, P; Boydell, S; Crofts, P; Prior, J; Searle, G
1-Jan-2013Policing, planning and sex: Governing bodies, spatiallyCrofts, P; Hubbard, P; Prior, J
Jan-2013Bushrangers, the Exercise of Mercy and the 'Last Penalty of the Law' in New South Wales and Tasmania 1824-1856Plater, D; Crofts, P
Jan-2013Wickedness and Crime: Laws of Homicide and MaliceCrofts, P
2013Bushrangers, the Exercise of Mercy and the ‘Last Penalty of the Law’ in New South Wales and Tasmania 1824-1856Plater, D; Crofts, P
1-Jun-2012Home Occupation or Brothel? Selling Sex from Home in New South WalesCrofts, P; Prior, J
Mar-2012Ambivalent Regulation: The Sexual Services Industries in NSW and Victoria - Sex Work as Work, or as Special Category?Crofts, P; Maher, J; Pickering, S; Prior, JH
1-Jan-2012Monstrous wickedness and the judgment of knightCrofts, P
Jan-2012The proposed licensing of brothels in New South WalesCrofts, P
Jan-2012"What Kept You So Long?": Bullying's Gray Zone and The Vampire's Transgressive Justice in Let the Right One InCrofts, P; van Rijswijk, HM
Jan-2012Intersections of Planning and Morality in the Regulation and Regard of Brothels in New South WalesCrofts, P; Prior, JH
1-Dec-2011Queerying urban governance: The emergence of sex industry premises into the planned cityPrior, J; Crofts, P
Jan-2011Oscillations in the regulation of the sex industry in New South Wales, Australia: Disorderly or pragmatic?Crofts, P; Prior, JH; Dalla, RL; Baker, LM; DeFrain, J; Williamson, C
Jan-2011The local impacts of sex industry premises: Imagination, reality and implications for planningSearle, GH; Boydell, S; Crofts, P; Hubbard, P; Prior, JH; Maginn, P
1-Jan-2010Brothels: Outlaws or citizens?Crofts, P
Jan-2010Illegal dumping and crime prevention: A case study of Ash Road, Liverpool CouncilCrofts, P; Morris, T; Wells, K; Powell, A
Jan-2009Sex in the city: regulations, rights and responsibilities in SydneyBoydell, S; Crofts, P; Prior, JH; Jakubowicz, AH; Searle, GH; Maginn, PJ; Jones, R; Haslam-Mackenzie, F; Boruff, B; Clifton, J; Giles-Corti, B; Khan, S; Martin, G; Paulin, S; Perkins, T; Shaw, BJ; Tonts, M; Van Niel, K
Jan-2007Brothels and Disorderly ActsCrofts, P