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1-Jan-2014Novel high-T<inf>c</inf> superconducting devices for wireless communications and imagingDu, J; Zhang, T; Guo, YJ
17-Sep-2013A compact HTS bandpass microstrip filter with novel coupling structure for on-chip integrationZhang, T; Du, J; Guo, YJ; Sun, X
24-Jun-2013A high-temperature superconducting monolithic microwave integrated Josephson down-converter with high conversion efficiencyDu, J; Zhang, T; Guo, YJ; Sun, XW
1-Jan-2013A 7-8.5 GHz high performance MMIC HTS josephson mixerZhang, T; Du, J; Guo, YJ; Sun, X
1-Oct-2012Design and integration of HTS filters with a Josephson deviceZhang, T; Du, J; Guo, YJ; Sun, X
25-Jun-2012Monolithic high-temperature superconducting heterodyne Josephson frequency down-converterDu, J; Zhang, T; MacFarlane, JC; Guo, YJ; Sun, XW
7-Jun-2012On-chip integration of HTS bandpass and lowpass filters with Josephson mixerZhang, T; Du, J; Guo, YJ; Sun, XW
1-Mar-2012A self-pumped high-temperature superconducting Josephson mixer: Modelling and measurementDu, J; MacFarlane, JC; Pegrum, CM; Zhang, T; Cai, Y; Guo, YJ
1-Feb-2012Self-pumped HTS Josephson heterodyne tunable mixerDu, J; MacFarlane, JC; Zhang, T; Cai, Y; Guo, YJ
1-Dec-2011A compact high-T <inf>c</inf> superconducting quarter-wavelength SIR bandpass filterZhang, T; Cai, Y; Du, J; Guo, YJ; Sun, XW
1-Oct-2008Simulating winter wheat development response to temperature: Modifying Malo's exponential sine equationLi, L; McMaster, GS; Yu, Q; Du, J