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15-Apr-2018Dubbo presentation - UTS greyhound safety and welfare researchEager, D
6-Apr-2018A preliminary investigation into the injury rate for 6 and 8 dog startsMahdavi, F; Hayati, H; Thomas, N; Eager, D
1-Apr-2018Increasing injuries as trampoline parks expand within Australia: a call for mandatory standardsSharwood, LN; Adams, S; Blaszkow, T; Eager, D
19-Feb-2018Mt Gambier Track Design Analysis of Drawing 5135Eager, D; Hossain, MI
22-Jan-2018Mt Gambier Track Injury Analysis and Preliminary Design ReportEager, D; Hayati, H; Hossain, MI
1-Jan-2018A comparative study of rapid quadrupedal sprinting and turning dynamics on different terrains and conditions: Racing greyhounds galloping dynamicsHayati, H; Walker, P; Mahdavi, F; Stephenson, R; Brown, T; Eager, D
1-Jan-2018A simple spring-loaded inverted pendulum (SLIP) model of a bio-inspired quadrupedal robot over compliant terrainsHayati, H; Walker, P; Brown, T; Kennedy, P; Eager, D
1-Jan-2018Track shape, resulting dynamics and injury rates of greyhoundsMahdavi, F; Imam Hossain, M; Hayati, H; Eager, D; Kennedy, P
1-Dec-2017Richmond track intervention analysisMahdavi, F; Eager, D; Hayati, H
27-Nov-2017Alternative Trackdesigns for Tweed Heads (Options A – D)Hossain, I; Hayati, H; Eager, D
1-Nov-2017Alternative track design for Tweed Heads (Options A to D)Eager, D; Hossain, MI
26-Sep-2017The Gardens track starting boxes alignment analysisEager, D; Hossain, M
26-Sep-2017The Gardens starting box alignment analysisEager, D; Hossain, MI
24-Jun-2017Vibration measurement as a tool to solve a murderEager, D; Chapman, C
20-Jun-2017Double bounce vibration on trampolines and associated injuriesEager, D; Chapman, C; Matotek, A
20-Jun-2017Reducing playground injuries by increasing HIC sampling rate from 8 kHz to 20 kHzEager, D; Chapman, C; White, E
1-Jun-2017Force v displacement to measure impact attenuation performanceEager, D; Chapman, C
1-Jun-2017Full-face motorcycle helmet protection from facial impacts: An investigation using THOR dummy impacts and SIMon finite element head modelWhyte, T; Gibson, T; Eager, D; Milthorpe, B
1-Jun-2017Test method for longitudinal performance of impact attenuating surfacesEager, D; Chapman, C; Nguyen, AV
24-Mar-2017A preliminary investigation into the Cranbourne Track for Greyhound Racing VictoriaEager, D; Hayati, H; Hossain, MI