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1-Apr-2014Conference Report: The best education network think tank xiii: Engaging communities in sustainable tourism development, Taylors University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2013Le-Klähn, DT; Edwards, D
1-Jan-2014Managing alcohol and drugs in event and venue settings: The australian caseHarris, R; Edwards, D; Homel, P
1-Jan-2014Evaluating the economic contribution of a large indoor entertainment venue: An inscope expenditure studyEdwards, D; Foley, C; Dwyer, L; Schlenker, K; Hergesell, A
1-Jan-2014Introduction: Special issue on the australian event symposiumHarris, R; Edwards, D; Foley, C; Schlenker, K
1-Jan-2014Business events and friendship: Leveraging the sociable legaciesFoley, C; Edwards, D; Schlenker, K
17-Sep-2013Determining business event legacies beyond the tourism spend: An Australian case study approachFoley, C; Schlenker, K; Edwards, D; Lewis-Smith, L
1-May-2013Understanding tourists' spatial behaviour: GPS tracking as an aid to sustainable destination managementEdwards, D; Griffin, T
1-Jan-2013Planning and evaluating sport events for sustainable development in disadvantaged communitiesSchulenkorf, N; Edwards, D
1-Jan-2013Genetic and physical mapping of flowering time loci in canola (Brassica napus L.)Raman, H; Raman, R; Eckermann, P; Coombes, N; Manoli, S; Zou, X; Edwards, D; Meng, J; Prangnell, R; Stiller, J; Batley, J; Luckett, D; Wratten, N; Dennis, E
Jan-2013Asian German Sports Exchange Programme: Innovative social sporting networksSchulenkorf, N; Liburd, JJ; Carlsen, J; Edwards, D
Jan-2013Brenu Beach Resort: Innovation for financial independenceCommeh, MK; Schulenkorf, N; Liburd, JJ; Carlsen, J; Edwards, D
Jan-2013Thea Proctor: Towards a stylish AustraliaMcNeil, PK; Edwards, D; Mimmocchi, D
Jan-2013Tasting Arizona Sustainable Food NetworksCarlsen, J; Edwards, DC; Liburd, JL; Carlsen, J; Edwards, D
Jan-2013The Diablo Trust Planning sustainable land useCarlsen, J; Edwards, DC; Liburd, JL; Carlsen, J; Edwards, D
5-Nov-2012Importance-performance analysis as a diagnostic tool for urban destination managersGriffin, T; Edwards, D
7-May-2012Volunteer sustainability in a sport context: observations from grassroots participation through to mega-eventsSchulenkorf, N; Edwards, D; Darcy, S
1-Apr-2012Fashioning a destination tourism future: The case of SloveniaDwyer, L; Cvelbar, LK; Edwards, D; Mihalic, T
1-Jan-2012TEFI 2011 World Congress "Activating Change in Tourism Education" May 18-21, 2011, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United StatesGretzel, U; Prebežac, D; Joppe, M; Edwards, D
1-Jan-2012Maximizing positive social impacts: Strategies for sustaining and leveraging the benefits of intercommunity sport events in divided societiesSchulenkorf, N; Edwards, D
Nov-2011Tourist Pathways in Cities: Providing Insights into Tourists Spatial BehaviourEdwards, D; Griffin, T