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Jan-2013Tele-monitoring techniques to support recovery at home for survivors of a critical illnessHoang, DB; Elliott, D; McKinley, SM; Nanda, P; Schulte, J; Duc, NA; Wu, J; Society, IEEEC; City-Vietnam, HCM
Jan-2013Validating a process-of-care checklist for intensive care unitsConroy, K; Elliott, D; Burrell, A
Jan-2013Patient comfort in the intensive care unit: a muiticentre, binational point prevalence study of analgesia, sedation and delirium managementElliott, D; Aitken, LM; Bucknall, TK; Seppelt, I; Webb, SA; Weisbrodt, LP; McKinley, SM; Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group; George Institute for Global Health
2013Developing content for a process-of-care checklist for use in intensive care units: a dual-method approach to establishing construct validityConroy, K; Elliott, D; Burrell, A
Dec-2012The psychological wellbeing of patients following excision of a pilonidal sinusStewart, AM; Baker, JD; Elliott, D
Dec-2012Repeatability of the six-minute walk test and relation to physical function in survivors of a critical illnessAlison, JA; Kenny, PM; King, MT; McKinley, SM; Aitken, LM; Leslie, G; Elliott, D
20-Jun-2012Exercise rehabilitation following hospital discharge in survivors of a critical illness: an integrative reviewConnolly, B; Denehy, L; Brett, S; Elliott, D; Hart, N
Apr-2012Sleep and other factors associated with mental health and psychological distress after intensive care for critical illness.McKinley, SM; Aitken, LM; Alison, JA; King, MT; Leslie, G; Burmeister, E; Elliott, D
Jan-2012Scope of Critical Care PracticeElliott, D; Aitken, LM; Chaboyer, W; Elliott, D; Aitken, L; Chaboyer, W
Jan-2012Recovery and rehabilitationElliott, D; Rattray, J; Elliott, D; Aitken, L; Chaboyer, W
Jan-2012A remote sensor-based 6-minute functional walking ability testSchulte, J; Nguyen, V; Hoang, DB; Elliott, D; McKinley, SM; Nanda, P; NA
Jan-2011Compliance with processes of care in intensive care units in Australia and New Zealand: a point prevalence surveyHewson-Conroy, K; Burrell, T; Elliott, D; Webb, SA; Seppelt, I; Taylor, C; Glass, P
Jan-2011The effects of a sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus wound on activities of living: thematic analysis of participant interviewsStewart, A; Baker, JD; Elliott, D
Jan-2011Emergency nurses’ practices in assessing and monitoring continual intravenous sedation for critically ill adult patients: A retrospective audit. “Are you sleeping comfortably? Then we shall begin”Varndell, W; Fry, M; Elliott, D
Jan-2011Health-related quality of life and physical recovery after a critical illness: a multi-centre randomised controlled trial of a home-based physical rehabilitation programElliott, D; McKinley, SM; Alison, JA; Aitken, LM; King, MT; Leslie, G; Kenny, PM; Taylor, PA; Foley, R; Burmeister, E
Jan-2011Assessing physical function and activity for survivors of a critical illness: A review of instrumentsElliott, D; Denehy, L; Berney, S; Alison, JA
Jan-2010Patient care guidelines: A telephone survey of intensive care practices in New South WalesKnowles, S; Rolls, KD; Elliott, D; Hardy, J; Middleton, S
Jan-2010Quality and safety in intensive care - A means to an end is criticalHewson-Conroy, K; Elliott, D; Burrell, A
Jan-2009Comfort as a basic need in hospitalized patients in Iran: A hermeneutic phenomenological studyYousefi, H; Abedi, H; Yamohammadian, M; Elliott, D
Jan-2008Traumatic brain injury: An integrated clinical case presentation and literature review Part I: Assessment and initial managementLadanyi, S; Elliott, D