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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01Cloud Computing Adoption FrameworkFeuerlicht, G; George, E; Basl, J; Jase, P; Novotny, O; Min, TA
2013-01Can Relational DBMS Scale-up to the Cloud?Feuerlicht, G; Pooley, RJ; Coady, J; Linger, H; Barry, C; Lang, M
2012-08-16A novel multi-tenant architecture design for software as a service applicationsYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
2012-01Cloud Adoption: A comparative studyFeuerlicht, G; Margaris, N; Anderson, D; Yang, HJ; Varacha, P
2011-12-01An elastic multi-tenant database schema for software as a serviceYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
2011-03-28Simple metric for assessing quality of service designFeuerlicht, G
2010-01Next Generation SOA: Can SOA Survive Cloud Computing?Feuerlicht, G; Snasel, V; Szczepaniak, PS; Kacprzyk, J
2009-12-01Integration of weakly heterogeneous semistructured dataFeuerlicht, G; Pokorný, J; Richta, K; Ruttananontsatean, N
2009-11-09Design of composable servicesFeuerlicht, G
2009-02-23Itinerary planner: A mashup case studyGovardhan, S; Feuerlicht, G
2009-01SOA: Trends and DirectionsFeuerlicht, G; Govardhan, SS; Vorisek, J
2009Web Service Interface Design for e-Business: A Minimalistic Design ApproachHong, SM; Feuerlicht, G; Abraham A, Yong Han S
2008-12-01The impact of new trends in the delivery and utilization of enterprise ICT on supplier and user organizationsVorisek, J; Feuerlicht, G
2008-12-01Utility computing and its influence on the IT-industryMadhisetty, S; Busch, P; Feuerlicht, G; Flax, L
2008-12-01Web service interface design for e-Business application: A minimalistic design approachHong, S; Feuerlicht, G
2008-09-01Considerations of service assembly based on the analysis of data flows between servicesFeuerlicht, G
2008-01Utility Computing Framework and its Impact on the Medical IndustryMadhisetty, S; Busch, P; Feuerlicht, G; None known
2008-01Web 2.0: Building Enterprise PortalsFeuerlicht, G; Govardhan, SS; Jan, P; Jiri, V
2007-12-01Service aggregation using relational operations on interface parametersFeuerlicht, G
2007-12-01Determinants of service resuabilityFeuerlicht, G; Wijayaweera, A