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1-Jan-2010CommentGeweke, J
Jan-2010Continuity of care with a primary care physician and mortality in older adultsWolinsky, F; Liu, L; Bentler, S; Geweke, J; Cook, E; Obrizan, M; Chrischilles, E; Wright, K; Jones, M; Rosenthal, G; Ohsfeldt, R; Wallace, R
1-Jan-2009The SETAR model of Tong and Lim and advances in computationGeweke, J
Jan-2009Comments on 'Convergence Properties Likelihood of Computed Dynamic Models'Ackerberg, D; Geweke, J; Hahn, J
Jan-2008Emergency department utilization patterns among older adultsWolinsky, F; Liu, L; Miller, T; An, H; Geweke, J; Kaskie, B; Wright, K; Chrischilles, E; Pavlik, C; Cook, E; Ohsfeldt, R; Richardson, K; Rosenthal, G; Wallace, R
Jan-2008EconometricsGeweke, J; Horowitz, JL; Pesaran, H; Durlauf, SN; Blume, LE
1-May-2007Smoothly mixing regressionsGeweke, J; Keane, M
1-May-2007Bayesian model comparison and validationGeweke, J
1-Apr-2007Interpretation and inference in mixture models: Simple MCMC worksGeweke, J
2007An interpersonal continuity of care measure for Medicare Part B claims analysesMiller, TR; Wolinsky, FD; Geweke, J; Chrischilles, EA; An, H; Wallace, RB; Pavlik, CE; Wright, KB; Ohsfeldt, RL; Rosenthal, GE
1-Dec-2006Chapter 1 Bayesian ForecastingGeweke, J; Whiteman, C
1-May-2006A variance screen for collusionAbrantes-Metz, RM; Froeb, LM; Geweke, J; Taylor, CT
Jan-2006Bayesian Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Conditional Distrubution of Earnings of Men in the USA (1967-1996)Keane, M; Geweke, J; Upadhyay, SK; Singh, U; Dey, DK
1-Sep-2004Getting it right: Joint distribution tests of posterior simulatorsGeweke, J
1-Jan-2003Note on the sampling distribution for the Metropolis-Hastings algorithmGeweke, J; Tanizaki, H
1-Jan-2003Bayesian inference for hospital quality in a selection modelGeweke, J; Gowrisankaran, G; Town, RJ
1-Jan-2003Econometric issues in using the AHEAD panelGeweke, J
28-Aug-2001Bayesian estimation of state-space models using the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm within Gibbs samplingGeweke, J; Tanizaki, H
1-Jun-2001A note on some limitations of CRRA utilityGeweke, J
1-Jan-2001Bayesian inference and posterior simulatorsGeweke, J