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2013-01-01Assessing the effectiveness of a long-standing rocky intertidal protected area and its contribution to the regional conservation of species, habitats and assemblagesAlexander, TJ; Gladstone, W
2013-01-01Who cares wins: The role of local news and news sources in influencing community responses to marine protected areasVoyer, M; Dreher, T; Gladstone, W; Goodall, H
2013-01Dodgy Science or Global Necessity? Local Media Reporting of Marine ParksVoyer, M; Dreher, TI; Gladstone, W; Goodall, H; Lester, L; Hutchins, B
2013Limitations of habitats as biodiversity surrogates for conservation planning in estuariesShokri, M; Gladstone, W
2012-11-01Optimisation of baited remote underwater video sampling designs for estuarine fish assemblagesGladstone, W; Lindfield, S; Coleman, M; Kelaher, B
2012-09-01Population dynamics and life history of a geographically restricted seahorse, Hippocampus whiteiHarasti, D; Martin-Smith, K; Gladstone, W
2012-04-11Occupational health issues in marine and freshwater researchCourtenay, G; Smith, DR; Gladstone, W
2012-03-01Methods of social assessment in Marine Protected Area planning: Is public participation enough?Voyer, M; Gladstone, W; Goodall, H
2011-08-04Spatial, temporal and ontogenetic variation in the association of fishes (family Labridae) with rocky-reef habitatsMorton, JK; Gladstone, W
2011-04-01The influence of estuarine water quality on cover of barnacles and Enteromorpha spp.Courtenay, G; Gladstone, W; Scammell, M; Kidson, R; Wood, J
2010-02-23The influence of sex and maturity on the diet, mouth morphology and dentition of the Port Jackson shark, Heterodontus portusjacksoniPowter, DM; Gladstone, W; Platell, M
2010-01The quality of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in BangladeshKabir, SZ; Momtaz, S; Gladstone, W; Loreley Fortuny
2009-09-01Higher taxa are effective surrogates for species in the selection of conservation reserves in estuariesShokri, MR; Gladstone, W
2009-07-01The effectiveness of seahorses and pipefish (Pisces: Syngnathidae) as a flagship group to evaluate the conservation value of estuarine seagrass bedsShokri, MR; Gladstone, W; Jelbart, J
2009-05-01Annelids, arthropods or molluscs are suitable as surrogate taxa for selecting conservation reserves in estuariesShokri, MR; Gladstone, W; Kepert, A
2009-01-01Habitat-mediated use of space by juvenile and mating adult port jackson sharks, heterodontus portusjacksoni, in Eastern AustraliaPowter, DM; Gladstone, W
2009-01Conservation and management of tropical coastal ecosystemsGladstone, W; Nagelkerken, I
2008-07-31Comparison of the life histories of three co-occurring wrasses (Teleostei: Labridae) in coastal waters of south-eastern AustraliaMorton, JK; Gladstone, W; Hughes, JM; Stewart, J
2008-06-17Demographic analysis of the Port Jackson shark Heterodontus portusjacksoni in the coastal waters of eastern AustraliaPowter, DM; Gladstone, W
2008-06-01The reproductive biology and ecology of the Port Jackson shark Heterodontus portusjacksoni in the coastal waters of eastern AustraliaPowter, DM; Gladstone, W