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2015-07-30From documentation to dialogue: On bringing Brazilian popular music and jazz to West GermanyHurley, AW; Finger, A; Kathoefer, G; Larkosh, C
2015-05-04Aboriginal Cowboys? On the possibilities of the Western in Australia’s far west.Hurley, AW; Higgins, M; Keresztesi, R; Oscherwitz, D
2015-02-01Into the Groove? Popular Music and Contemporary German FictionHurley, AW
2014-01-01Leichhardt's bust, or how the explorer was rediscovered during the Cold WarHurley, AW
2014-01-01No fixed address, but currently in East Berlin: The Australian bicentennial, Indigenous protest and the Festival of Political Song in 1988Hurley, AW
2014-01Review of Susan G. Figge and Jenifer K. Ward, Reworking the German Past: Adaptations in Film, The Arts and Popular Culture. (Rochester: Camden House, 2013 [2010]).Hurley, AW
2014-01Review of Elina Hytönen-Ng, Experiencing flow in jazz performanceHurley, AW
2013-01-01"Jack of all trades" or "double agent?" the German popular musician as novelistHurley, AW
2013-01Son of the soil, proto-socialist or free spirit? Heinz Haufe's Entdeckungsreisen in Australien and the rehabilitation of Ludwig Leichhardt in East GermanyHurley, AW
2013-01Leichhardt's Erbe: Der Australienforscher im deutsch-australischen GedaechtnisHurley, AW; Schwarz, A; Heike Hartmann
2013-01Ripe for a Diskursabenteuer: Jazz in Thomas Meinecke's Novels.Hurley, AW; Krick-Aigner, K; Schuster, MO
2012-02-14Love, popular music, and "technologies of gender" in Karen Duve's Dies ist kein Liebeslied (this is not a love song)Lewis, A; Hurley, AW
2012-01Of Germanic eddies in the Black Atlantic: Electronica and (post-)national identity in the music of Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle (F.S.K.) and in Thomas Meinecke's novel Hellblau (2001).Hurley, AW
2011-01Tobias Titz and Martumili Artists: Photographic Encounters between Germany and AustraliaHurley, AW
2011-01Collapsing (New) Buildings: Town planning, history and music in Hubertus Siegert's Berlin Babylon (2001).Hurley, AW
2011-01Transparency as authenticity? Ronald Clyne and his cover art for Folkways.Hurley, AW
2010-01-01Hansjürgen pohland’s tobby (1961/62): Jazz, cinéma-vérité and the beginnings of young German cinemaHurley, AW
2010-01Joachim-Ernst Berendt and the (West) German Jazz und Lyrik GenreHurley, AW
2009-01-01From aboriginal Australia to German autumn: On the West German reception of thirteen ‘films from black Australia’Hurley, AW
2009-01The Return of Jazz: Joachim-Ernst Berendt and West German Cultural ChangeHurley, AW