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1-Jun-2019What’s in a name: How nursing positions older people negativelyNeville, S; Montayre, J; Jackson, D
1-Jun-2019Mental health and substance use disorders: The reality of youth in custodyUsher, K; Douglas, L; Jackson, D
1-Jun-2019Intentional rounding – An integrative literature reviewRyan, L; Jackson, D; Woods, C; Usher, K
1-May-2019Embodying compassion: A systematic review of the views of nurses and patientsDurkin, J; Usher, K; Jackson, D
1-May-2019What is the Impact of Volunteers Providing Care and Support for People with Dementia in Acute Hospitals? A Systematic ReviewHall, CL; Brooke, J; Pendlebury, ST; Jackson, D
1-Apr-2019Does compassion matter in custodial care?Ramluggun, P; Nathoo, S; Jackson, D; Usher, K
1-Apr-2019Medical device-related pressure ulcers: A systematic review and meta-analysisJackson, D; Sarki, AM; Betteridge, R; Brooke, J
18-Mar-2019A four-stage framework for conducting feminist storytelling researchKlages, D; East, L; Jackson, D; Usher, K
1-Mar-2019Forty years on since Alma Ata—Nursing and social justiceMitchell, M; Wilson, S; Jackson, D
1-Mar-2019A profile of the waiting room nurse in emergency departments: An online survey of Australian nurses exploring implementation and perceptionsInnes, K; Jackson, D; Plummer, V; Elliott, D
1-Mar-2019Health literacy in pressure injury: Findings from a mixed-methods study of community-based patients and carersDurrant, LA; Taylor, J; Thompson, H; Usher, K; Jackson, D
1-Jan-2019Factors influencing nurses' intentions to leave adult critical care settingsKhan, N; Jackson, D; Stayt, L; Walthall, H
1-Jan-2019Trapped in care: Recognising and responding to frailty as a cause of delayed transfers of careWalthall, H; Dolan, B; Jackson, D
1-Jan-2019Challenges and reflections from an international, humanitarian, short-term surgical mission on collecting ethnographic data in a remote environmentDawson, S; Jackson, D; Elliott, D
1-Jan-2019Understanding recovery and survivorship after a prolonged critical illnessMinton, C; Power, T; Wilson, S; Jackson, D
1-Jan-2019Meeting the challenges posed by an escalating diabetes healthcare burden: A mixed methods studyAtsalos, C; Payk, M; O’Neill, A; Inglis, S; Cheung, NW; Jackson, D
1-Jan-2019Intimate partner violence and the power of love: A qualitative systematic reviewPocock, M; Jackson, D; Bradbury-Jones, C
1-Jan-2019Reflecting and learning: A grounded theory on reframing deficit views of young indigenous women and safetyWilson, D; Cootes, K; Mikahere-Hall, A; Sherwood, J; Berryman, K; Jackson, D
1-Jan-2019Using local communities to establish geographical boundaries for case studiesBosley, H; Appleton, J; Henshall, C; Jackson, D
1-Jan-2019The symbiotic relationship of vulnerability and resilience in nursingEast, L; Heaslip, V; Jackson, D