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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01The Realities of Australian MulticulturalismHo, C; Jakubowicz, AH; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
2013-01Conclusion: An Agenda for the Next DecadeJakubowicz, AH; Ho, C; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
2013-01Addressing Diversity in Schools: Policies, Programs and Local RealitiesChodkiewicz, AK; Burridge, N; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
2013Once Upon a Time in CabramattaJakubowicz, A
2013Racism and anti-racismNelson, J; Dunn, KM; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
2011-12-01Chinese Walls: Australian Multiculturalism and the Necessity for Human RightsJakubowicz, A
2010-11-01The goldberg variations I: Assessing the academic quality of multidimensional linear texts and their re-emergence in multimedia publicationsJakubowicz, A; van Leeuwen, T
2010-04-21Accessibility Using the Internet: Disability, Cultural Diversity and AccessibilityJakubowicz, A
2009-07-29Human Rights and Media - Group DiscussionJakubowicz, A; Macnamara, J; Bacon, W
2009-07-29Human Rights and Media: Social Media and Human Rights - Building Online Communities for Cultural DiversityJakubowicz, A
2009-05-28Remembering and recovering Shanghai: Seven Jewish families [re]-connect in cyberspaceJakubowicz, A
2009-01-01Beyond the static text: Multimedia interactivity in academic journal publishing in the humanities and social sciences (not)Jakubowicz, A
2007-09-01Political Islam and the future of Australian multiculturalismJakubowicz, A
2007-01-01The media and social cohesionJakubowicz, A
2002-01-01Bodies in motion: Critical issues between disability studies and multicultural studiesJakubowicz, A; Meekosha, H