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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2012From ground states to local HamiltoniansChen, J; Ji, Z; Zeng, B; Zhou, DL
9-Apr-2012Correlations in excited states of local HamiltoniansChen, J; Ji, Z; Wei, Z; Zeng, B
2-Feb-2012Rank reduction for the local consistency problemChen, J; Ji, Z; Klyachko, A; Kribs, DW; Zeng, B
1-Dec-2011QIP = PSPACEJain, R; Ji, Z; Upadhyay, S; Watrous, J
27-Oct-2011Complete characterization of the ground-space structure of two-body frustration-free Hamiltonians for qubitsJi, Z; Wei, Z; Zeng, B
9-May-2011No-go theorem for one-way quantum computing on naturally occurring two-level systemsChen, J; Chen, X; Duan, R; Ji, Z; Zeng, B
14-Mar-2011Quantum codes give counterexamples to the unique preimage conjecture of the N-representability problemOcko, SA; Chen, X; Zeng, B; Yoshida, B; Ji, Z; Ruskai, MB; Chuang, IL
8-Nov-2010Tensor rank and stochastic entanglement catalysis for multipartite pure statesChen, L; Chitambar, E; Duan, R; Ji, Z; Winter, A
23-Aug-2010Multi-error-correcting amplitude damping codesDuan, R; Grassl, M; Ji, Z; Zeng, B
7-Jul-2010Quantum state reduction for universal measurement based computationChen, X; Duan, R; Ji, Z; Zeng, B
Jan-2010Tensor Rank And Stochastic Entanglement Catalysis For Multipartite Pure StatesChen, L; Chitambar, EA; Duan, R; Ji, Z; Winter, A
1-Apr-2009An algebra of quantum processesYing, M; Feng, Y; Duan, R; Ji, Z
10-Nov-2008Parameter estimation of quantum channelsJi, Z; Wang, G; Duan, R; Feng, Y; Ying, M
7-Feb-2008Existence of universal entanglerChen, J; Duan, R; Ji, Z; Ying, M; Yu, J
28-Oct-2007Proof rules for the correctness of quantum programsFeng, Y; Duan, R; Ji, Z; Ying, M
11-Jun-2007Distinguishing arbitrary multipartite basis unambiguously using local operations and classical communicationDuan, R; Feng, Y; Ji, Z; Ying, M
1-Jan-2007Probabilistic bisimulations for quantum processesFeng, Y; Duan, R; Ji, Z; Ying, M
25-Oct-2006Majorization in quantum adiabatic algorithmsWei, Z; Ji, Z; Ying, M
3-Oct-2006Optimal dense coding with arbitrary pure entangled statesFeng, Y; Duan, R; Ji, Z
29-May-2006Identification and distance measures of measurement apparatusJi, Z; Feng, Y; Duan, R; Ying, M