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29-Nov-2015Fast and robust head detection with arbitrary pose and occlusionZhang, T; Yang, Z; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Yang, J; He, X
1-Jan-2015A new image decomposition and reconstruction approach -- adaptive fourier decompositionHe, C; Zhang, L; He, X; Jia, W
1-Mar-2014Text detection in born-digital images using IT-LBPZeng, C; Jia, W; He, X; Zhang, L
1-Jan-2014Characterness: An indicator of text in the wildLi, Y; Jia, W; Shen, C; Van Den Hengel, A
1-Dec-2013Leveraging surrounding context for scene text detectionLi, Y; Shen, C; Jia, W; Van Den Hengel, A
18-Oct-2013Text detection in born-digital images using multiple layer imagesZeng, C; Jia, W; He, X
1-Jan-2013Nitrous oxide emission in low-oxygen simultaneous nitrification and denitrification process: Sources and mechanismsJia, W; Liang, S; Zhang, J; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Yan, Y; Zou, Y
1-Jan-2013Effect of phosphorus load on nutrients removal and N<inf>2</inf>O emission during low-oxygen simultaneous nitrification and denitrification processJia, W; Liang, S; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Zhang, J; Wang, R; Zou, Y
1-Dec-2012Recent advances on graph-based image segmentation techniquesZeng, C; Jia, W; He, X; Xu, M
1-Dec-2012Battle-Lemarie wavelet pyramid for improved GSM image denoisingMudugamuwa, DJ; He, X; Jia, W
5-Nov-2012Efficient super-resolution by finer sub-pixel motion prediction and bilateral filteringMudugamuwa, DJ; He, X; Jia, W
15-May-2012An algorithm for colour-based natural scene text segmentationZeng, C; Jia, W; He, X
1-Jan-2012Task-based behavior detection of illegal codesHan, L; Fu, C; Zou, D; Lee, CH; Jia, W
30-Nov-2011More on weak feature: Self-correlate histogram distancesWang, S; Wu, Q; He, X; Jia, W
28-Nov-2011Learning global and local features for license plate detectionWang, S; Jia, W; Wu, Q; He, X; Yang, J
7-Nov-2011An overcomplete pyramid representation for improved gsm image denoisingMudugamuwa, DJ; Jia, W; He, X; Yang, J
11-Oct-2011An encoding and labeling scheme based on continued fraction for dynamic XMLJiang, Y; He, X; Lin, F; Jia, W
26-Jan-2011Facial expression recognition on hexagonal structure using LBP-based histogram variancesWang, L; He, X; Du, R; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Yeh, WC
Jan-2011Training-Free License Plate Detection Using Vehicle Symmetry and Simple FeaturesWang, W; Wu, Q; Jia, W; He, S; Delmas, P; Wuensche, B; James, J
2011Facial Expression Recognition on Hexagonal Structure Using LBP-Based Histogram VariancesWang, L; He, X; Du, R; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Yeh, W; Kuo-Tien Lee; Wen-Hsiang Tsai; Hong-Yuan Mark Liao; Tsuhan Chen; Jun-Wei Hsieh; Chien-Cheng Tseng