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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06-28Storytelling with interactive physical theatre: A case study of dot and the kangarooBluff, A; Johnston, A
2017-05The Liberation of the Feet: Demaking the High Heeled Shoe For Theatrical Audio-Visual ExpressionMurray-Leslie, A; Johnston, A
2016-11-29Designing for technicians working in the field: 8 usability heuristics for mobile application designJohnston, A; Pickrell, M
2016-02-01Practice-based research and new interfaces for musical expressionJohnston, A; Ferguson, S
2015-08-14Conceptualising interaction in live performance: Reflections on 'Encoded'Johnston, A
2015-06-22Choreography in the mapping of new instrumentsIlsar, A; Johnston, A
2015-01-01Conversational interaction in interactive dance worksJohnston, A
2014-07-03Methodologies with fashion acoustics Live on Stage!Ferguson, SJ; Johnston, A; Murray-Leslie, A
2014-01-01Creative control of granular synthesis using fluid simulation &amp; motion trackingBluff, A; Johnston, A
2014-01-01Speech invaders &amp; Yak-man: Retrogames for speech therapyTan, CT; Johnston, A; Bluff, A; Ferguson, S; Ballard, KJ
2014-01-01Retrogaming as visual feedback for speech therapyTan, CT; Johnston, A; Bluff, A; Ferguson, S; Ballard, KJ
2014-01-01Keeping Research in Tune with PracticeJohnston, A
2013-12-01Representational systems with tangible and graphical elementsBerry, R; Edmonds, E; Johnston, A
2013-10-30sPeAK-MAN: Towards popular gameplay for speech therapyTan, CT; Johnston, A; Ballard, K; Ferguson, S; Perera-Schulz, D
2013-01E-SHOE: A High Heeled Shoe GuitarMurray-Leslie, A; Johnston, A
2012-10-30Visual feedback of acoustic data for speech therapy: Model and design parametersFerguson, S; Johnston, A; Ballard, K; Tan, CT; Perera-Schulz, D
2012-01Reclaiming Authentic Selves: Control, Resistive Humour And Identity Work In The OfficeWestwood, R; Johnston, A
2011-12-01Towards a nondisruptive, practical, and objective automated playtesting processTan, CT; Johnston, A
2011-11-01Feasibility assessment of recycled water use for washing machines in Australia through SWOT analysisMainali, B; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Pham, TTN; Johnston, A
2011-03-03Responses of community to the possible use of recycled water for washing machines: A case study in Sydney, AustraliaPham, TTN; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Dang, HPD; Mainali, B; Johnston, A; Listowski, A